WP Adminify Vs Ultimate Dashboard: Which is Better?

If you use WordPress, you already know it’s convenient to use the default Dashboard that comes with the system. Actually, WordPress is popular for its easy to use Admin Panel.

But it gets better and more smooth when you are open to more customization doors, like default WordPress Dashboard Widget customization. When you try to build a Custom WordPress Dashboard, it’s necessary to have a better Dashboard personalization plugin. 

And regarding the Dashboard customization, WP Adminify and Ultimate Dashboard can be on your top list among the hundreds of plugins. But who drops the best deal between WP Adminify vs Ultimate Dashboard? Make sure you the basic guide for WordPress Dashboard Customization, it will help you to consider the best plugin for your project.

To be frank, they are both very lightweight and easy to use. But, if you love entire Dashboard personalization including UI then you can go for WP Adminify undoubtedly. And if you want amazing login customization and redirection with the default WordPress UI, start with the Ultimate Dashboard.

However, that’s not the end of this comparison. We’ll go in-depth about these two plugins to make you understand which one will be your gem. Let’s begin.

WP Adminify vs Ultimate Dashboard Comparison

Now, since you have a slight idea of how they differ from each other from the table, how about we dig deeper now? Let’s dig in and check out which will meet your needs the most.

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    WP Adminify

    Let’s start with the features of WP Adminify. WP Adminify getting its popularity over the world due to its rich features. People find it simple and customizable which makes it even better. Also, you can easily disable any module that you don’t need for your Website. Without further discussion, let’s check some popular Feature of WP Adminify plugin – 

    • Login Customizer
    • Post type & Media Folder
    • WordPress White Label
    • Dark Mode (Support maximum popular plugin)
    • Rename WP Admin 
    • Disable Admin Notices
    • Admin Column customizer
    • Admin Menu Editor
    • Dashboard & Welcome Widget
    • Google Pagespeed Insights
    • Header/Footer Scripts
    • Quick Menu 
    • Menu Duplicator
    • Notification Bar 
    • Remove any unwanted Dashboard Widget
    • Activity Logs
    • Post and Page Duplicator
    • Admin Page (Support any Page builder)
    • Sidebar Generator 
    • Post Type Order 
    • Server information
    • Disable Comments 
    • WP Adminify UI Template
    • Dashboard Font Customizer
    • Admin Background (Color, Gradient, Image, Video)
    • Admin Footer Copyright change
    • Vertical & Horizontal Admin Menu
    • Admin Bar Customizer
    • Custom CSS & JS for Dashboard
    • 70+ Necessary WordPress Tweaks
    WP Adminify First impression

    Dark Mode

    If you love to work at late night then definitely Dark Mode for WordPress Dashboard is necessary. Not only for style, but also it’s necessary to keep your eyes clam. You can schedule specific time for Dark Mode or let your system handle it too. 

    WP Adminify Dark Mode impression

    WordPress Login Customization

    This excellent option lets you change everything on your WordPress login page. With the various customization settings, you can change the style, typography, layout, error messages, and label. Tailoring these will make your work quicker and simpler. You can change error messages, label text and many more by using this login customizer by WP Adminfy. 

    WP Adminify Login customizer module

    Admin Column Customization

    WP Adminify will let you customize any post types admin column. It supports ACF, Metabox, and the pods content framework. You can delete, add, and customize the width too. Not only for post type, it supports taxonomy column customization too. It comes with some custom Admin columns like Post ID, Featured Image, Shortcode, and more.

    Admin Column Customizer by WP Adminify plugin

    Media Folders

    The great thing about this plugin is that it can assemble all your pages, posts, and media in different folders to be more organized. With this Post and Media Folder module, later you can find your essential pages or media files within seconds. Also, you’ll be able to make unlimited folders with different colors for these without any hassle. Cool, isn’t it?

    WordPress Dashboard Post and Media folder

    Dashboard Menu Editor

    Guess what? You’ll get the most uncommon feature here that’s the menu editing part. It’s easy to customize the WordPress Admin Menu by navigating WP Adminify > Menu Editor. You can change icons, text, and define user roles there. Exchange it regarding your taste.

    WordPress Admin Menu Editor by WP Adminify

    Activity Logs

    Well, all of us want to know what happens to our website or in our posted posts. No worries, Activity logs by WP Adminify will let you track if there’s any change in the site like the secret camera. You can check if someone is modifying the theme, uploading a picture, or publishing a new post and so on.

    WordPress Dashboard Activity logs tracker

    Custom Dashboard Widget

    You’ll be glad to know that you can customize the default Welcome Widget and Add unlimited Custom Widget on your Dashboard. Here you can set up the RSS feed, text, icon, shortcode, and video in an organized way inside your Dashboard.

    Custom Dashboard Widget using Shortcode

    Header and Footer Snippets

    Adminify has great options to use CSS and JS codes for customizing your Website. You don’t have to modify your theme or plugin code to do some changes. Just add your code then define a location, select a specific post or page or taxonomy, and Device then publishes your snippet. 

    Header and Footer Snippets module

    Custom Admin Page

    With the help of Admin Page module, you can create unlimited Dashboard pages as top label menu or under any existing menu. It supports any page builder, so feel free to customize Admin page using your desired page builder plugin. 

    Admin Page by WP Adminify plugin

    Ultimate Dashboard

    You may not get too many features like WP Adminify. But it offers some really nice modules like Login Customizer, White Label, Admin Menu Editor, and so on. Let’s jump into a quick feature list of Ultimate Dashboard Plugin. 

    • Login Customizer
    • WordPress White Label
    • Login Redirect
    • Custom CSS 
    • Admin Page
    • Admin Bar Editor
    • Dashboard Widget
    • Remove Dashboard widget
    • Admin Menu Editor
    • Welcome Panel Customization
    • Footer Text Change

    You can also enable or disable your specific module like WP Adminify. If you think you don’t need Admin Pages module, just disable it. Now let’s take a brief introduction of Ultimate Dashboard plugin modules with screenshot. 

    Ultimate Dashboard Plugin overview

    Custom Dashboard Widget

    Custom Dashboard Widget offers you to add Icons, Text, HTML, Video, and Contact Form widgets in your WordPress Dashboard. With the help of HTML widget feature, you can easily insert any type of code inside your admin panel. Widget for specific user roles is only for Pro users, contrariwise this feature is available for all WP Adminify users. 

    Ultimate Dashboard Text Widget

    Login Customizer by Ultimate Dashboard

    It offers you to customize your login page by changing the logo, and background. Also, it offers form, input field, label, and button style too. You can’t change the login form error message, label text, placeholder text here – which is possible in WP Adminify. If you use the pro version of the ultimate dashboard then you will get 2 more layouts for your login page. For background , it only offers background color and Image. With WP Adminify it’s possible to add Gradient, Video, and Slideshow backgrounds too. 

    Login customizer by Ultimate Dashboard

    Admin Menu Editor

    Dashboard Menu Editor of the most impressive module by Ultimate Dashboard. You can modify your WordPress Dashboard menu by selecting individual users. Also able to customize your admin menu by selecting user roles too. In WP Adminify, you will get a user role & user selection option. There you can hide specific menu items for specific user or roles. But this Ultimate Dashboard plugin, it offers you individual customization. Though the output remains the same, the choice is yours now. 

    Admin Menu Editor by Ultimate Dashboard plugin

    Pricing Comparison

    • WP Adminify: Personal Plan costs $79, Business Plan $129 , Agency $249 – One year update
    • Ultimate Dashboard: 5 Sites plan cost $98, Unlimited Site $159, All in one $199 – One year Update

    Compare the features yourself and decide which one is worth it. Ultimate Dashboard can replace 9 WordPress plugins and WP Adminify can replace 40+ WordPress plugin. Before making your decision, think wisely what features you need.

    We’re sure you now have the difference between WP Adminify Vs Ultimate Dashboard. In this feature comparison run WP Adminify comes fast. It offers unbelievable features and the plugin size is below 5MB. Don’t forget to try WP Adminify live demo, it will help you to understand this plugin properly.

    Both are outstanding. Good luck!

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