How to Build a Custom WordPress Dashboard for Your Clients?

You’ll have clients that are unfamiliar with the workings of WordPress and you can make things easier for them by building a less complex WordPress dashboard for them. Adminify is the best WordPress plugin that can help you achieve a less busy dashboard.

To build a custom WordPress client dashboard, you’ll need to install a WordPress client dashboard plugin – Adminify – to help you remove extraneous menus, and customize and simplify the admin area for your clients.

This piece will show you, step by step, how to create client dashboard WordPress using the Adminify plugin. You’ll also know the importance of having a custom WordPress dashboard.

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    What is a Custom WordPress Dashboard?

    A custom WordPress Dashboard is one that is made to look different from the original WordPress Dashboard. It is a WordPress Dashboard that’s simpler and more attractive than the normal Dashboard you’ll have on a WordPress site.

    Custom Dashboards on WordPress sites have become necessary, especially for beginners in WordPress use, because of the presence of many menus and tools in the admin area. The confusion that these menus cause for site users wastes valuable time in navigating menus to reach the right one.

    However, you can save time and simplify WordPress sites for your clients by using Adminify to remove menus that are unnecessary, such as specific plugin menus they won’t be using often.

    A custom WordPress Dashboard for clients can have unique features, such as color, logo, and theme, that are peculiar to their businesses. All of these can be easily done via WordPress White Label feature. In addition to leaving only the essential menus in the admin area, help to improve the outlook of their Dashboard and simplify the site’s navigation.

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    How to Build a Custom WordPress Dashboard?

    Thinking how a custom WordPress Dashboard will help your clients and where you should start the customization? here are some ways you can accomplish it.

    Install Adminify Plugin

    You can see the result instantly after WP Adminify plugin activation. You will get a modern UI with unlimited Dashboard Customization possibilities. That’s not the end, you will get access to 20+ modules developed by the WP Adminify team. If you think you don’t need some module, then it’s easy to disable the module. 

    WP Adminify - Best Dashboard Customizer Plugin

    Add or Remove Existing Widgets From Your Dashboard

    The more widgets there are on a client’s WordPress Dashboard, the more difficult it is to navigate such a Dashboard and understand the information there.

    However, you can make your clients Dashboard by removing unnecessary widgets and adding important custom Widgets, using WP Adminify. Widgets such as site health and traffic summary may be unnecessary to certain users.

    Creating Custom Dashboard Widgets

    Customize Your WordPress Login Screen

    Your WordPress login screen can portray your brand and help you to become mentally prepared for tasks to be accomplished on your site. From 16 pre built Login page templates, select the best one for your site and start the customization. You can customize the logo, label text, error message, color, border, Margin, Padding, Forget Password, Register, and so on via this Login Customizer module.

    16 WordPress Login Page Template

    White Label Your Dashboard

    The WP Adminify Dashboard white label feature allows you to easily customize a WordPress dashboard, including the WP Adminify logo, WordPress logo, and footer note.

    The logos and footer note on your clients WordPress dashboard can carry their brand’s logo and slogan, respectively. White labeling your dashboard also includes changing the dashboard background and font color.

    Set Up a Modern UI Template

    The default WordPress user interface is boring to some users, but you can help your clients change that by creating a modern user interface that engages the creative parts of their brain, improving their productivity.

    A modern UI template is simple to navigate and saves time. Create a custom template with WP Adminify, or import one.

    Add or Remove Items from Your Dashboard’s Menu

    A cluttered Dashboard usually has unnecessary menu options but WP Adminify can handle that issue. You can easily hide all unwanted Admin Menu for specific user roles. 

    Also, you are able to add a new custom Menu without creating an Admin Page too. Inside the menu Editor, just click on “Add new” menu, then input all necessary fields properly. After all, You can customize your dashboard by making some menu options visible for specific users.

    Why do you need a Custom WordPress Dashboard?

    Because you’re used to the WordPress Dashboard appearance as a WordPress site builder, you may not recognize the need for a custom WordPress dashboard. However, your clients will appreciate one for the following reasons.

    Simplicity: A custom WordPress client dashboard offers simplicity to your client as it reduces the menu options in the admin bar of the dashboard.

    Some plugins used in designing a WordPress site, such as Elementor, when installed take a menu position and have their own settings. Other plugins such as Lite speed and Monster insight, do the same. But, you can change these with Adminify which helps you to remove these extraneous menus from the admin area and dashboard.

    Time-saving: For less experienced WordPress users, like your clients, it is usually difficult to navigate the dashboard because of the abundance of menus in the admin area. Sometimes, they’ll click on the wrong menu and have to return to the dashboard to find the right one.

    You can help them save time by removing the unneeded menus in the admin area, using Adminify. You can go further by using icons to denote important menus, helping them to locate them easily.

    They’ll appreciate the limited but useful menus available to them and the time they’ll save from clicking the right menus.

    Unique outlook: Colors, icons, and logos are some of the ways to help your clients’ WordPress dashboards to have a unique outlook. While reducing the menu options in the admin area is effective in achieving a custom WordPress client dashboard, you can do more.

    Integrating their businesses’ identity into the dashboard enhances the wp dashboard customization for client projects.

    To build a custom WordPress client dashboard, you need the right WordPress customization plugin that makes it easy to remove widgets and menus, add icons, and change the dashboard background. Adminify is the plugin that’ll help you easily customize your clients’ WordPress dashboards.

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