How to Create Custom WordPress Login Page – (7 Easy Step)

There’s no doubt you’re familiar with the default WordPress login page. But, what if you could create a WordPress Custom Login Page that gives you a break from the default login interface you’re used to? What if you can prepare your mind and brain for productivity with the aid of a Customized WordPress login page?

This article will help you understand why you should use a WordPress custom login page. You’ll also have a detailed guide on how to create and customize your WordPress login page.

What does a WordPress Login Page Look Like?

It’s possible to change the outlook of your WordPress login page but you’ll need to install a plugin such as WP Adminify to help you choose your preferred image, video, and color for your login page. You can even personalize your login page by using your brand’s name, logo, and color.

WordPress is known for its simplicity, and that is reflected on its login page. A typical WordPress login page is characterized by a white background and two fields for username and password, respectively.
This simplicity used to be acceptable and serves as a break away from the colorful login pages of many websites and CMS options. However, with many websites going in the same direction, the WordPress login page has progressively become similar to many other websites’ login pages.
Default WordPress login page
While the important fields – username or email and password – are important to gain access to your WordPress dashboard, they can look better than they do in their default appearance.

One of the best ways to customize a WordPress login page is to use a WordPress login plugin like WP Adminify.

WP Adminify helps with WordPress login page customization, among other things, and helps to improve your first WordPress landing outlook.

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WordPress Dashboard Login Page Customization was not so easy before WP Adminify Plugin. Implement your imagination to design any type of Login Page.

7 Steps to Create Custom WordPress Login Page

To customize your WordPress login page, you’ll need a WordPress login page customization plugin – WP Adminify. Install WP Adminify plugin on your WordPress site, and get started with your login page customization.

The steps are as follows:

Step #1: Install Enable Login Customizer

The login customizer is one of the options under the WP Adminify Pro menu on the admin menu tab.

Login Customizer Module Enable

Step #2: Navigate to the Login Customizer menu

Once you’ve enabled the login customizer option, it’ll be included in the admin menu tab, under WP Adminify Option.

Click on the login customizer menu. You’ll be taken to the customizer section of login page.

Login Customizer menu

Step #3: Choose a Template

WP Adminify has numerous templates you can choose from to serve as your WordPress login page background. The templates include images, videos, and colors.

Select any of the templates that suit your brand identity and apply it. Also, you are free to customize the pre built template too.

16 WordPress Login Page Template

Step #4: Add Your/Clients Logo

You can change from the default WordPress logo to your brand’s logo. Simply go back to the login customizer menu and select the logo menu.

You can add your logo and adjust its size with the adjustment tools.

Alternatively, you can choose to use text in place of a logo. You can set your text style with the tools in the menu.

Change Login Page Logo

Step #5: Edit login page background

If the template background isn’t giving you the vibe you want, you can choose your background.

Navigate to the login customizer menu and select background. In this menu, you’ll have to choose from color, Gradient, image, video, and slideshow.

For the video option, you can supply a YouTube URL in the required field to display its content as your video background. For the color/image background, you can choose the image and color you want, and edit as you want.

Step #6: Now Choose a layout

You can also choose a layout that suits you. Options available include two-column layouts. Define Horizontal and Vertical positions to place your content anywhere on the login page.

WordPress WP Admin login page layout

Step #7: Customize login page security

  • Navigate to the login customizer menu options.
  • Select the “others” option.
  • You’ll find a list of options with a toggle in front of them. Select the toggle in front of the option you’re looking for.
  • For instance, activate the toggle in front of “Disable lost password” to remove it from your WordPress login page.

Why Should You Use a WordPress Custom Login Page?

Since the appearance of your WordPress login page doesn’t affect how your website works, and you can still access your WordPress dashboard, why should you bother to customize your WordPress login page?
Here are some reasons you should consider customizing your WordPress login page.

1. Increased productivity

Fun and color go hand in hand, and that’s what customizing your WordPress login page with WP Adminify offers.

WordPress login page by WP Adminify

Research has shown that certain colors promote certain emotions and states of mind. Neutral colors such as gray, white, and beige are associated with increased depression and that can negatively impact your productivity.

Customizing your WordPress login page with some warm colors like red and yellow, or cool colors like blue and green, will increase your serotonin level and help to improve your work output.

2. Enhanced brand identity

Your brand should be everywhere that concerns your business. Although your dashboard and site backend may show your brand to the site’s users, they’ll be more familiar with your brand, especially the new users, if your brand’s color, logo, and slogan are in their faces from the login page.

Your brand identity goes beyond your logo. It also includes what you believe in and how you work. You can easily show that site users from your WordPress login page through videos, images, and colors.

WP Adminify also has the CSS and JS feature that allows a developer to customize your WordPress login page to your taste without using the WordPress login page customizer plugin features.

3. Improved security

You can’t always guarantee that your WordPress login information is safe. It is possible that your username or email address is known by someone else. However, you can improve the security of your WordPress login page, and by extension, your entire WordPress website, by changing the error messages WordPress displays.
An error message that specifies that a username is incorrect, tells an authorized user that they’re close to getting into your WordPress site, they only need to get the username right. Such messages nudge unauthorized users in the right direction.
However, you can customize login error messages to discourage unauthorized users. You can send a warning with your customized WordPress login page message and reduce the chances of compromise to your WordPress site.
Also, you can disable the disable lost password option, login shake, and the back to website option for improved site security.

Final Thought

Your WordPress login page doesn’t have to be the same boring outlook you’ve always seen. You can have a WordPress custom login page by using a WordPress login plugin like WP Adminify

WP Adminify will help you create custom login page in WordPress and customize custom login page in WordPress with its CSS and JS features for WordPress login page customization.

Ready to Use WP Adminify?

WordPress Dashboard Login Page Customization was not so easy before WP Adminify Plugin. Implement your imagination to design any type of Login Page.

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