WP Adminify Pro Installation and License Activation

As soon as you purchase WP Adminify plugin, you will get an email having your license key, username, password, and Pro version Download link. Just download the pro version of WP Adminify first.

WP Adminify Pro Account Login

If you have successfully purchased WP Adminify, you will receive an email for “WP Adminify license key and download link“. This will look like the following screenshot. Here you will get your license key. Note down your license key first. It’s necessary to activate your plugin later. 


WP Adminify Pro account login and license key

Just click on Log in here button on your email. It will redirect you to your account page and is required to reset your password. Just input your unique password and login to the account. There you able to see the pro version of WP Adminify plugin. Just download the pro version and install it on your WordPress website like other plugins.

WP Adminify Pro Installation

  1. Log in to your Website Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to plugins>Add new.
  3. Click on “Upload Plugin” button.
  4. Now choose the pro version, that you just downloaded.
  5. Finally, click on “Install now” button.

That’s how to install the pro version. You can apply other FTP / Cpanel methods like Free WP Adminify installation too. If you have the free version installed inside your Website, then it will be deactivated automatically when you activate the pro version.

Inserting License Key

After installation and activation. It will directly redirect you to the license page. Here you have to insert your WP Adminify license key. If you don’t insert the license key, you will not get full WP Adminify features. 

Insert WP Adminify license key

Alternative Method to Active license

You can also activate the license key from the installed plugin page. 

  1. Navigate to Plugins>Installed Plugins
  2. Now find out WP Adminify Plugin
  3. Click on the “Active License” button
  4. You will get a popup where you should insert the license key.
License key from Plugins

That’s how you can install the WP Adminify pro version and active your license key. If you notice any problem while installing the pro version, don’t hesitate to contact us.

November 18, 2022
Getting Started
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