Login Customizer

Customize your Login Page branding with our Login customizer. 16+ pre-built Templates available in Login Customizer. You'll get extensive controls on login page.

wordpress custom login page backgroud
Disable Admin Notice module

Disable Admin Notices

Sometimes WordPress Dashboard becomes haphazard by Theme & Plugin notices. For a better UI experience, it's necessary to disable all unwanted admin notices.

WP Adminify Dark Mode impression

WordPress Dark Mode

Schedule your Dashboard Dark Mode for a specific time or by Operating System. Change your branding logos for both light and dark mode and change the Dashboard to dark by toggling the switcher.

Post Type and Media Folder module


Folder’s module allows users to quickly organise all of their Pages, Posts, Media files, post type in folders. You can easily drag and drop items inside any folder you prefer.

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Horizontal/Vertical Menu

You can switch to Horizontal Admin Menu to get more workspace in your Dashboard.

Post Status Color

Define multiple Background Color for different Post Status like Published, Draft, Private, etc.

Main Menu Accordion & Toggle

Select the best main Menu Type as Accordion or Toggle for a better User Experience.

Notification Bar

Showcase any Notice or Promotional announcement on your Website with this module.

Custom Sidebar Generator

Create Unlimited Custom Sidebar for your WordPress Website.

Dashboard & Welcome Widget

Create Dashboard Widget and Design the Welcome Widget with any page builder.

Sidebar User Info

Showcase User Info in Circle or Rectangle layout inside Dashboard Sidebar.

Remove Dashboard Widgets

Remove all unwanted default WordPress Dashboard Widgets to make it clean.

Custom Admin Dashboard Page

Admin Pages

Create a custom WordPress Dashboard Admin page and assign it to any Top Level or Sub Level Menu. You have the ability to design Admin Page by any page builder.

ACF Data in Post Type Admin Column

Admin Columns Editor

Removing unnecessary Admin Columns from any post type can increase the beauty of your interface. Add or remove columns from any post, page, category, products, etc.

White Label WordPress

Installing WP Adminify means you will get rid of all default WordPress branding. You can set your own logo in Dashboard, Login Page, Admin Footer and any other area.

WordPress Admin Menu Editor by WP Adminify

Menu Editor

Change the default Dashboard Menu item name, URL, icon easily. You can tweak the order, edit submenu items, show/hide different menu items, change permissions as well.

URL Redirection and login redirect

URL Redirection's

Enhance your WordPress login page security by Changing your WordPress login URL. Also it offers redirect any User roles, User to specific admin page when someone login.

More to Love

Disable Comments

Stop spammers with a simple click of a button and ensure the quality of comments on your website by enabling or disabling comments for certain post types or entire website.

Server information

It's crucial to check debug log info while working with your website. It provides not only the debug file content but also .htaccess, php.ini, site, WP config file constant information.

Admin Bar Customization

A professional Admin Bar is required for a great Dashboard ambiance. With WP Adminify, you can show or hide elements, and Customize the Background easily.

WordPress Activity logs plugin

Activity Logs

Want to monitor your WordPress site? This module provides you the power to track every user’s activity. It is basically like security camera that tracks all activity back to you.

Custom CSS and JS For WordPress

Header & Footer Scripts

Input Javascript and CSS inside your entier website or any specific post, page, post type easily. Create unlimited snippet, target desktop or mobile device, define location and many more.

Menu Label Text modify for White Label

WP Adminify White Label

You can change every branding by WP Adminify in your WordPress Dashboard. Use your custom logo, Name, URL, Description, Author name to make a better Dashboard.

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Done yet

Google Pagespeed Insights

It's the best way to track your webpages speed at times. Now you can track any webpage speed data from Dashboard. It's Google Lighthouse integrated and provides enough suggestions.

Google Pagespeed Full Report

Still not Convinced?

Quick Dashboard floating Menu

A floating Dashboard Quick Menu that can be accessed from any admin page. You can customize pre-built menu items, add items as you need.

Import/ Export Options Settings

If you have multiple Websites, you can easily Export WP Adminify Settings and import it in different Websites.

70+ WordPress Tweaks

Tweaks can solve very critical problems within a single click. It comes with different type of Tweaks for Post, Archive, Performance, Head and More.

Admin Footer Customization

Change WordPress Copyright text from this Admin Footer option panel. You can show or Hide other info like IP, Memory Limit, WP Version and more.

Admin Background Customization

We have multiple Admin Background Type such as Color, Image, Gradient, Slideshow, and Video. Select the best one and save your settings.

Post Duplicator

Duplicate your existing page, post, post type within a click. Then just replace your content and publish your Post.

Dashboard UI Presets

There is a total of 9 Pre Built UI Templates available. You can also select a Custom Color picker and define your own colors.

Footer Info

show or hide IP Address, PHP Version, WordPress Version, WP Memory Usage, WP Memory Limit, WP Memory Available.

Welcome Widget customization

Custom Dashboard Widgets

Create dashboard widget in text Editor, Shortcode, Video, Image. Customize the Welcome Wdiget with any page builder like Elementor, Oxyzen, etc.

Post Types Order

Wanna see your best posts at top always? This module will help you to drag your desired post at the top. Not only for post but also it works file with any WordPress post type.

Stop Wasting Time on Menu Diving

Don't want time on searching for your desired options in WordPress Dashboard. WP Adminify can help you to organize your WordPress Dashboard to Boost Productivity, & Enhance Focus.

WP Adminify V.4.0 is almost here. Fancy a Sneak Peek?