How to turn on WordPress Dark Mode in the Dashboard Panel?

Working in dark mode on the WordPress Dashboard panel can fetch outstanding results, alleviating the risk of eye diseases and backing up for long hours. Compared to the light mode, computer professionals feel happy adhering to the dark mode to have enhanced visibility, a comfortable viewing experience, and many more facilities.

So switching to the dark mode from the light mode on the WordPress dashboard panel has been an incredible trend. If you want to benefit from the WordPress dark mode, you, of course, have to install a sophisticated dark mode plugin. With the wide array of plugins out there, it will be tough to justify which one is the best. If your WP Dashboard is flooded with Admin notices you can easily dismiss WordPress Dashboard admin notices too.

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    Based on market research and user feedback, we can recommend you concentrate on the WP Adminify plugin, as its Dark/Light Mode option is committed to providing you with optimal outcomes, helping you toggle between the modes with ease. Let’s dig deeper!

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    How to turn on WordPress dark mode?

    WPAdminify offers a variety of phenomenal features and modules, and the Dark/Light Mode is one of them. This option is designed to help you have a balanced dark color combination of low-contrast lights. As a result, extreme exposure to bright light radiation could hardly distract you while you’re working late at night or for prolonged periods of time.

    It’s worth noting that you can switch between the light and dark modes with only one click once you have the WPAdminify plugin activated on your dashboard. Can’t believe it? Go to the main dashboard and take a look at the top-right corner. There, you will discover four options aligned with the main search bar.

    The first one, which resembles the asterisk symbol, is the quick toggle option for the light and dark modes. If you click on the symbol, you will see the screen turn dark from the default light mode. It’s the easiest and quickest way to configure WordPress dashboard mode, thanks to the excellent innovation of WPAdminify.

    The advantages of moving to dark mode are immense; we will discuss them later. But as of now, let us make you excel at turning on your WordPress dashboard panel to dark with a few clicks, leveraging the power of the WPAdminify plugin.

    Install and activate WPAdminify:

    In order to take full advantage of the plugin, you first need to install and activate it. On the “Plugins” option, you can either upload the Adminify zip file or search for it on the search bar to get it installed. Once you install the plugin successfully, you need to activate it correctly to get it running on your website.

    As soon as you install and activate the plugin, you will see the “WP Adminify Pro” option on your dashboard. The option includes holistic modules to make your web design experience easier, faster, and smoother. Once you navigate to the option, you will discover the pre-designed “Dark/Light Mode” option.
    WP Adminify Pro options to configure dark mode

    Click on the Dark/Light Mode:

    Now it’s time to click on the “Logo Options” to configure the settings as per your desire. After clicking on the option, you will discover a new interface with many underlying options, including Color Mode, Logo Type, and Schedule Dark Mode. Let’s explain how the integrated options work:

    Dark and Light Mode logo options

    Color Mode:

    The Color Mode is the main function of toggling between the dark and light modes. By default, “Light Mode” is selected. If you want to set the WordPress Dashboard panel in the dark, you need to select the “Dark Mode” option aligned with the previous one.

    If you’re satisfied with switching the mode only, you can update the setting without scrolling down. After updating the setting, you will notice the entire screen is changed from Light to Dark to help you get rid of the detrimental glare from the screen.

    Logo Type:

    The Logo Type option is designed to allow you to define the logo of your dashboard. You can use either the image or the text logo for both light and dark modes. Just select the “Image” option if you want to stick to the graphical logo for both modes or only the dark mode.
    upload logo for light and dark mode
    As you’re going to use the dark mode, you’ll surely need to select the desired logo from the “Dark Logo” option below the “Logo Type” option. Then you can set the size of your logo in the “Logo Size” option. Then update the setting and see the change in the logo section of your dashboard.

    Schedule Dark Mode:

    The Schedule Dark Mode is the most interesting, creative, and fascinating option of the WPAdminify plugin. By using this option, you can turn the WordPress dashboard dark for a certain period of time, setting the starting and ending times. First, you have to enable the “Enable Schedule Dark Mode” button, as it’s disabled by default.

    After enabling the button, you will see the “Schedule Type” option with the “System” and “Custom” options. Select the “Custom” option if you want to customize the schedule, entering the start and end times. For example, if you want to keep your dashboard dark from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m., you need to select the time from the provided drop-down list.
    Custom Schedule Dark Mode
    But if you choose the “System” option, you will find your dashboard automatically switching between dark and light screens. But in this case, the mode will be changed as per the selection of your operating system or device.
    If your operating system has the dark mode on, you will automatically notice the dark mode in the dashboard once you select the “System” option. Similarly, if your system has the light mode on, your dashboard will turn to the light mode as soon as you navigate to “System”.

    Save the changes:

    No matter whether you’ve configured all the options or only one, you need to save it to make a change. You will find the “Save” button in the upper-right corner of the page. Once you’re done with the tasks required to turn on the WordPress dark mode on your dashboard panel, you need to click on the “Save” button.

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    Advantages of turning on dark mode?

    In recent times, it seems unthinkable to keep working in front of a computer screen in light mode, as it causes numerous difficulties over time. A health-conscious, decisive, and veteran computer professional knows the necessity of turning dark mode on in the WordPress dashboard panel well.

    If you have to spend a lot of time with your WordPress dashboard, you surely need to add a dark theme asap. Some of the salient reasons to turn on the dark mode are explained below:

    One of the serious issues of working with the light mode is the severe eye strain. If you’re accustomed to working with the bright light on your screen, the chance of getting seized by eye strain, cerebral pain, and dry eyes becomes higher. It can even lead to retinal damage and visual impairment over time. But if you move to dark mode, your eyes will be less likely to be impacted by the harmful radiation of light. The dark theme can relieve you from undesirable incidental effects, protecting your eyes by reducing the emitted light from the device screen.

    Working in front of a white computer screen for a long time can deteriorate visibility. That’s because exposure to bright light can disrupt visual acuity to a great extent. Besides, the clarity of vision gets diminished due to the excessive radiation of light.

    On the contrary, the dark mode works as a preventive measure against the reduction of visibility. It can significantly reduce glare and enhance visibility. That means you can see stuff on your dashboard without having any trouble if you switch to dark mode.

    If you have photophobia, you will suffer a lot from not having a comfortable viewing experience in the bring light. The intense rays of light cause diverse issues with your light-sensitive eyes, which may put your career in jeopardy.

    But the dark theme can save you from the devastation, maintaining the absolute minimum color contrast ratios needed to have relief during the working period. You can get a deep insight into your dashboard as the possibility of struggling with setbacks becomes less likely.

    The dark mode not only relieves you from eye fatigue but also provides you with front-end and back-end support. No matter whether you’re a developer or admin, the dark theme will empower you to spend extended periods of time in the WordPress dashboard, ensuring an eye-soothing, comfortable environment. Meanwhile, it improves the overall look of your dashboard panel and stimulates you or others to engage with less effort. You can work peacefully without having to worry about concerns and flaws at night with the blessing of a dark mode plugin.

    Final words:

    Spending a long hour in front of a computer screen is injurious to the eyes. Even constant interaction with the brisk light emitted from the WordPress dashboard can damage the eyesight, hampering visual reflection.

    Should you refrain from working? Never! You have the WordPress dark mode, which can protect your eyes and give you an immersive working environment.

    The WP Adminify can be your best companion to take the best care of your eyes and enhance the working momentum as it comes with the Dark/Light Mode option. This groundbreaking feature will allow you to switch the screen to dark mode with ease. As the entire process of turning on the WordPress dark mode is covered above, we hope you will no longer have to suffer.

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