How To Disable Comments on WordPress Websites for Spammers?

Comments are an easy way to impart insightful messages concerned to a post. Engaged readers can express their views on a particular post or page via the comment section. But everything has some demerits too; a vague, unreasoning, and irrelevant comment can have a negative impact on a webpage.

How? An irrational comment by a spammer can distract others and demotivate them to make a move. That means you may lose your targeted traffic even if your webpages have a higher rank on Google when your website is seized with spammers activity. The best way to prevent such a serious setback is to take full control of the comment section by disabling unauthorized comments.

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    Disabling comment is too easy to do as long as you have the WP Adminify plugin at your fingertips. The innovative, easy-to-navigate, and super-flexible plugin will offer you outstanding service by making comments disabled in a brisk way. However, let’s take an in-depth look!

    Why WP Adminify for Disabling Comments?

    Restriction in the comment section seems to be the foremost task for all website owners, as the prevalence of spam comments is always at its peak. To fulfill users expectations, a wide variety of plugins have been developed and are still under development. But the number of plugins that can provide a full-fledged, versatile comment disabling facility like WP Adminify is small.

    Almost all the plugins available online offer the typical functionality of removing the full comment system. But WP Adminify integrates a sophisticated module called Disable Comments, which allows the users to disable comments for the post type, attachments, a form URL field, and an admin bar.

    Disable Comments in WordPress
    Besides, you can permanently remove the admin comments menu item, dashboard comments widgets, and the submenu discussion with it. Most surprisingly, the premium-grade module will let you hide existing comments, remove close comment text, and replace author and comment links with JavaScript with ease.
    And you can configure the comment option as per your needs without any hassle. All these distinctive features and amenities set the plugin apart from hundreds of other plugins available today. That’s why the usability and popularity of the plugin seem to be higher than those of its competitors. And you should also give it your full attention ahead of other plugins.

    Disable Comment & Stop Spam

    Keep Your WordPress Website Spam-Free.
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    How to disable comments on WordPress websites?

    When you’re running a high-authority website for optimal conversion, you definitely need to control the comment option. You need to keep your web pages away from the devastating touch of spammers or malicious viewers. To do so, you have no choice but to disable the comments with the high-fidelity WP Adminify plugin.

    To be honest, as the WP Adminify “Disable Comments” module consists of manifold options, first you have to be prompted to configure the options that you’re going to manipulate on your WordPress website.

    There is nothing wrong if you check all the options for your working purposes. The options you will activate can be applied in the comment section. Here are the steps you should adhere to:

    Go to the WP Adminify module settings

    You’re going to leverage the power of a module under the WP Adminify plugin, so you need to configure the module settings initially. But before jumping in to set up the module, you have to make sure the original version of WP Adminify is working on your dashboard. Otherwise, you will come across drawbacks at every step.

    In the left bar of the main dashboard, you need to click on the WP Adminify option. Then you have to navigate to the module settings option. Under the module settings, you will see the “Disable Comments” option. As of now, just click on the option.

    Disable comment Options in WP Adminify

    Configure the interface and options

    As soon as you click on the “Disable Comments” option, a new interface will be presented to you with multiple well-aligned fields. The options require proper adjustment to make sure you disable comments where you want. All the options are explained below, in short, to help you reinforce your understanding of their purposes.

    Disable Comments for specific post types:

    WP Adminify will allow you to determine the post type for which you want to disable comments. For instance, if you want to disable the comment for the posts only, you need to check the “Posts” option under the “Disable Comments for” title. Similarly, you can switch between pages, landing pages, and admin pages where you’re seeking to turn the comment system off.

    Disable Comment For Specific Post Type

    Remove Comments for Attachments:

    An auto-generated attachments page is available on all WordPress websites. The page is not secured, as spammers can comment on it. You can’t prevent spam comments on that page unless you remove the comment box from the page. To help you out, WP Adminify integrates the “Remove Comments for Attachments” option. All you need to do is enable the option and get rid of the headache.

    Remove Comments for Attachments

    Remove Admin Menu "Comments":

    If you want to strictly prohibit commenting on your web pages, you can take advantage of this option. This option will allow you to remove the comments menu from the admin menu. So once you enable it, you will no longer have to worry about dealing with spam comments in your website dashboard.
    Remove Admin Menu Comments

    Close Comments Front-end:

    Almost all WordPress websites expose a “Close Comments” notice after disabling the comment option for a certain period with a typical plugin. That means you will be notified at random once the disabling period expires. To get rid of such an issue, you can activate the “Close Comments Front-end” field.

    Hide Close Comments notice in front end

    Remove Comments Admin Bar:

    By enabling this field, you can remove the “edit comments” page from the blog or posts of your web pages. You will no longer have to bother with that useless option under the comment icon. It’s really helpful to you to control the comment section.

    Remove Comments icon from Front End Admin Bar

    Replace Comment Links to JavaScript:

    WP Adminify has some salient, unique features in its disable comment module; “Replace Comment Links to JavaScript” is one of them. Once you set this option, it will use a span tag instead of the default link tag. And the tag will work via JavaScript to prevent spam comments.

    "Comments" Menu Redirect to Admin:

    It’s an amazing feature, as you can redirect the comments menu to your WordPress dashboard. By enabling the option, you no longer need to hide the comments menu manually at times. You can also disable the option if you feel it’s of no use.

    Remove Dashboard Comments Widget:

    It’s usual to find dashboard comment widgets on a WordPress website. By default, there appears a “Recent Comments” widget inside the main widgets that is susceptible to spam attacks. To relieve your concern, WP Adminify comes with this option in the module. It’s so prompt to remove the comments widget from the widget library.

    Remove Submenu Discussion:

    Comments belong to the “Discussion” submenu inside the main settings menu of the WordPress dashboard. You can control the comments from this menu by enabling the “Remove Submenu Discussion” option. Once you keep it enabled, you no longer see the comments inside the submenu.
    Remove Discussion Submenu from Settings

    Hide Existing Comments:

    Having pre-posted comments on a website is common. Most of those comments might be irrelevant and unwanted. You can hide all those existing comments by enabling this feature. There is no need to delete a myriad of comments one by one once you activate the option.
    Hide Existing Comments

    Remove Comment Form URL Field:

    It’s another handy and impactful option for controlling the comment section. By enabling this option, you can remove the URL field from the comment section. As a result, spammers will fail to leave irrational comments even if the comment form stays visible.

    Remove Comment Form Website URL Field

    Replace Author Links to JavaScript:

    Once you enable this option, it will span inside the author links and give you full control over the comments section. It will replace the external links in comments with JavaScript forms without any further hassle.

    Stop Spam Comments

    Protect your WordPress website from spam
    by disabling comments.

    Final words:

    Comments are necessary, but spam comments are always ignorable. Irrelevant comments from unwanted users can wreak havoc on the website’s performance, conversion, and interaction. So it’s inevitable to disable comments to avoid unintentional damage to the websites. How to disable comments on WordPress websites for spammers? Although it’s not a tedious task at all, you need to opt for the right tool to get your job perfectly done.
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