How to Remove WordPress Dashboard Welcome Widget?

As a novice, you will initially see a default welcome widget when you visit the WordPress admin dashboard. This Dashboard Welcome Widget includes a variety of shortcuts for new users as well as a greeting from WordPress. Even yet, anyone who is a beginner may benefit much from this area and build a fantastic website on their own.

But as time goes on, you could begin to find these welcomes to be a bit monotonous. The majority of professionals utilize this part to provide helpful information, market their services, or include content that inspires others. But for you, simply adding some navigation or reminder alerts to help you concentrate on your task can be a bold move.

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    Fortunately, removing these welcome widgets is simple. To get rid of this at any moment, click the close icon in the upper right corner. By doing this, you may quickly concentrate on something significant that will increase the visitors’ use of your website.

    However, it will reappear when you refresh your website in order to save the changes you made.

    In this post, we’ll show you how to quickly remove the welcome page by editing the admin dashboard. Don’t worry if you’re concerned about permanently erasing something you might need in the future. The welcome panel is simple to activate whenever you need it.

    Remove Welcome Widget from WordPress Dashboard

    You may delete the WordPress welcome widget from your dashboard in a hundred different ways. But in this section, we’ll talk about the simplest options to spare you time and distress.

    Dismiss from the Dashboard

    Out of everything you can discover online, this one is the simplest. Simply select “Dismiss” to remove the welcome panel. Anytime you feel like it, you can always switch it back on.

    Look at the welcome panel’s upper right corner to dismiss the welcome widget. A “Dismiss” button may be found there. Your welcome widget will disappear forever with only one click.

    Dismiss option for Welcome widget

    But you can easily find the “Screen Option” in the sidebar and switch it back on. When you open it, there are several checkboxes. Simply select the “welcome” option, save your work, and then reload your dashboard. Your welcome panel will be restored exactly as it was if you do that. From here you can also remove the panel by just unchecking the box.

    Remove Welcome widget using WP Adminify

    The best choice is Adminify, which will make your job really simple. In order for you to work smoothly, Adminify is primarily focused on controlling the WordPress Dashboard UI. It’s a really simple plugin that will enable you to do your task in just a few clicks. And there are many options available for free exploration. Please allow us to demonstrate how to remove welcome widgets using Adminify.

    • Instal & activate WP Adminify
    • Navigate to WP Adminify Option Panel
    • Click on “Admin Notices” option
    • Search “Remove Welcome Panel” option and enable it. 
    • Save & reload.

    TADA! You are now free from WordPress’s boring Welcome Panel Notification.

    Remove Welcome Widget in WordPress Dashboard

    Why Remove Welcome Widget?

    A sort of meta box introduced for new users of this platform is the WordPress welcome panel. It displays several shortcuts for using various tools. However, these shortcuts lose their usefulness for you as you grow more accustomed to using WordPress. Additionally, users have the ability to shift widgets and important alerts to the bottom. reducing their visibility.

    You may utilize this area as a notice bar for your business if you are the administrator of a corporate website and other employees visit your WordPress admin panel. Alternatively, you may add your preferred shortcut there.

    Customize Your Welcome Panel

    The dashboard widgets as a whole, as well as your welcome panel, may all be customized using Adminify. However, we advise that you choose what to keep and what to remove from your dashboard first. Because other installed applications or plugins may be able to display shortcuts and significant notifications on your dashboard. And eliminating them all could be your worst choice.

    Anyway, let’s look at how to use Adminify to modify your welcome widgets.

    Hover on the WP Adminify option in your Admin Menu, click on “Dashboard Widget

    You can see the “Welcome Widget” tab, by default it’s disabled. Enable it and you will see options like the screenshot. 

    Let the “Dismissible” option be enabled. If you want to allow people close this Welcome Widget. 

    The last one is for special users. If you want to be more specific and show your welcome panel to only some selected users then you can add their roles from here.

    You need to design your Welcome widget content via Default WordPress Page or Elementor Saved Template. You can assign Elementor template or WordPress Pages content inside the Welcome Widget. 

    WordPress Dashboard Welcome Widget customization

    After all, just save them & reload your dashboard.

    In this article, we have shown you the easiest ways to remove your welcome widgets from the WordPress dashboard. We really recommend you use “Adminify”. It can do much more than you can imagine. Most of your WordPress problems can be solved by only this plugin and it enables you to customize your dashboard, WordPress background, and others. Let us know how this post helped you and what we need to upgrade in the comment section.

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