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When a website is flooded with a massive amount of content in diverse categories, it becomes inevitable to keep track of them. Once you keep your content neatly organized and grouped, you can help your visitors find the posts, pages, products, or any other type of content that can benefit them.

But it becomes difficult to re-order, categorize, and sort out the colossal content manually, as it’s time-consuming, strenuous, and susceptible to errors.

That’s why you can take the help of a perfect custom post type order plugin without contemplating anything else.

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    With the myriad of plugins available today, which specific one should you choose from? Of course, WP Adminify as it comes with the special “Post Types Order” module to relieve your working pressure.

    Look at the below to comprehend why you should go for it when it comes to managing the content.

    Custom Post Type Order by WP Adminify

    The plugins developed for organizing posts can put you in a dilemma while you’re out there trying to pick the right one.

    On a rigorous examination, you may find plenty of plugins that are perfect for you, as all of them offer the identical features and advantages you want. Can you choose all of them? Not possible, ideally.

    In this case, you obviously need to secure a perfect one that is easy to navigate and free from technical errors.

    As WP Adminify is widely regarded as a powerful tool, you can, by all means, go for it.

    Why is it perfect? The first and most obvious reason is its drag-and-drop working method. To illustrate, you can re-order the content by dragging them from the original position and dropping them in the new position.

    Another core reason for its popularity is the versatility of its “Post Types Order” module. It will enable you to reorder any post type in an efficient way by creating custom orders for each post.

    You can select the sortable post types among posts, pages, landing pages, and admin pages as per your needs.

    Besides, the module will allow you to select your desired taxonomies. You will have the privilege of media library sorting for list layout. It also supports instant autosave to make your life easier.

    Most importantly, you can disable the post-type order system for specific user roles with it.

    There are many more advantages to the plugin that are yet to be revealed. You can experiment with all those while interacting with them. In a word, the plugin has the ability to fulfill all of your expectations and needs.

    That’s why you can heed it to have optimal outcomes without breaking a sweat or wasting your valuable time.

    How Post Type Order Works?

    If you want to sort out specific posts or content from the crowd, you need to utilize the “Post Types Order” module by WP Adminify properly.

    Unless you’re familiar with the steps to perform a custom post type order on any WordPress site with the plugin, you can never expect the result you desire.

    Post type order plugin
    So it’s imperative to acquire a solid understanding of the procedure for working with the module to manage the colossal content. Here are the steps you need to adhere to to succeed in doing your assigned job:

    Enable the Post Types Order module

    To begin your journey toward organizing posts, you first need to enable the “Post Types Order” module.

    You will find the module under the Modules section of the WP Adminify plugin. As soon as you discover it, you have to click on the enable button to let it function.

    Enable post Type order module
    But keep in mind that you need to ensure that you have installed and activated the plugin properly before heading to the modules section. Once your desired module is enabled, you can move on to the next steps.

    Navigate to the Module Settings

    Then you need to navigate to the Module Settings, where you will find the “Post Types Order” option.

    Click on the option, and a new interface will be presented to you with the options of Disable for, Sortable Post Type, Sortable Taxonomies, and Media Sortable.

    At this stage, you’re responsible for configuring the settings as per your needs.

    In the Disable for option, you can select any user role from the drop-down list to disable the post-type order system for them. You can select any post type from Posts, Pages, Stories, and Admin Pages from the “Sortable Post Types” option to determine which content you’re going to reorder.
    Post Type order settings

    Suppose you want to reorder all the posts and pages; in this case, you have to select both simultaneously.

    But if you want to reorder only posts or pages, then you can select just one. Similarly, you can choose the sortable taxonomies from Categories, Tags, and Link Categories in the next option. Eventually, you can enable the “Media Sortable” option to reorder the whole media library of the website.

    Save and notice the change:

    Once you configure the settings, you can save them by clicking on the “Save” button. Then you can head over to the posts or pages you selected to sort out.

    From the countless pages and posts, you can drag a particular one that you want to see to the top. Then drop it at the exact location. You will notice the posts or pages are being reordered as per your instructions without any additional tools or tasks.

    You can reorder the media files in the media library. Just go to the media and drag the item you want to reorganize.

    But one important thing you need to note is that you have to select the list view for the media items to work with the drag-and-drop method. Otherwise, you can’t sort them out.

    Media post type order module

    Final words

    Having full control over the bulk of posts, media, and pages on a WordPress website is essential. That’s because you may sometimes need to reorder or organize them to have optimal engagement, impression, and conversion. But it will cost you labor and time if you want to carry out the sorting process manually.

    Hence, you need to take the help of a perfect custom post type order plugin like WP Adminify. Throughout the article, we discussed why you should choose it over other plugins.

    We also broke down the step-by-step procedures for working with the plugin to make your job easier and smarter. Now it’s your turn to apply it to get rid of the unnecessary hassle and turbulence.

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