Organize File Using Media Library Folders Management Plugin

As you are reading this Post, I’m assuming you’re a WordPress user and like to organize your Media libarry using Folders.

If you have a lot of images and videos that need to be organized, WP Adminify Folder module can easily handle this.

This plugin is great because it allows you to easily create, rename, and delete folders within your media library. You can search any specific folder and see live result. You can also move files between folders without having to copy them first.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how WP Adminify works and how it can help you keep your media library organized. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

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    Plugins You Will Need

    You must install WP Adminify to get the media library folder feature. After installing the WP Adminify plugin, make sure to check if the “Folder” module is enabled. If it’s disabled by default, then enable it.

    What is WordPress Media library folders?

    When you navigate to your WordPress Dashboard>Media, you can see all uploaded files there. But, have you ever wondered, if you can create some virtual folders on your WordPress media library and store different types of files within the folders?

    Media Library Folders is an advanced WordPress Media Library plugin that allows users to easily manage their Media Library files.

    With Media Library Folders, users can add unlimited virtual folders and insert any media files into the folders. Also, you can rename, delete, and sort folders – all from the familiar interface of the WordPress admin area.

    Additionally, it also comes with powerful search tools that make finding specific Media Library items a breeze. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your Media Library organized and up to date, then WordPress Media Library Folders by WP Adminify is the perfect module for you.

    WordPress Media library Folders

    What is the default Media Library folder in WordPress?

    The default Media Library folder is the /wp-content/uploads/ folder. This folder is used to store all media files uploaded to WordPress, including images, videos, and audio files. All media files are automatically saved to this folder when they are uploaded to WordPress.

    However, users can change the location of the Media Library folder if they wish. For example, some users may prefer to store their media files on a different server or in a different directory. Regardless of where the Media Library folder is located, all media files will still be accessible from the WordPress admin area.

    WordPress Media library option

    5 Steps on How Media Library Folder Works?

    Install The Wp Adminify Plugin

    The first step to getting started with WordPress Media Library Folder is to install the WP Adminify plugin. To install the plugin, you can use the built-in installer or download it from the repository. You have to activate the plugin before you can start using it. You can upgrade WP Adminify pro to unlock more features.

    install WP Adminify Plugin from WordPress org

    Enable Folder in WP Adminify Module Manager

    After activation, this is the first step you should check. Make sure to Enable the Folder on the WP Adminify modules manager. Then you need to navigate to the Module settings option, there you will get some more options to enable folders for specific post types and Media.

    Enable Folder in WP Adminify module manager

    Create a new Media Library Folder

    After configuration just visits the “Media library” tab that appears on your WordPress dashboard. Clicking this tab will open the Media Library Folder where all of your media files are stored. Now you can see a cool virtual Media Folder management option on the left side. Just click on the create button and add a new folder. You can select a color for your folder too.

    Create new Folder in WordPress Media library

    Upload Media Files to the Folder in Wp Adminify Media Library

    Once you have created the folder, you can start adding media files to it. Just drag and drop any media files into your folder. To upload a new image in a folder, make sure to upload your images on the WordPress media library first. Then just drag your photos, videos, pdf, or any media item to the folders.

    Drag and Drop media files to Folder

    Rename or Delete Virtual Folders

    If you need to rename or delete a file or folder, you can select the folder first. Then, you have to click on the “Rename” or “Delete” button.  This will bring up a popup where you can make your changes. Also, there is a bulk selection option available. You can easily select multiple folders and delete them at once. 

    Rename and Delete Folder in WordPress media library

    Wrap UP

    By following these steps, you can easily see how the Folder module by WP Adminify helps to manage your files. By taking the time to learn how to use it properly, you can ensure that all of your media files are stored in an organized and easy-to-find way. Give it a try today and start using the Media Library to its fullest potential!

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