Free vs Paid WordPress CRM Plugin: Which One to Use?

Here are the top free WordPress CRM plugins available for download from the official WordPress plugin repository. Some of these plugins also function as WooCommerce CRM solutions.

While the free versions offer basic functionality, for more advanced features, we recommend considering their premium options. We have specifically included regularly updated CRM plugins to prevent any vulnerabilities and compatibility issues.

WP Adminify can help you with WordPress CRM plugins by allowing you to access and manage them more easily from your dashboard. You can also create custom widgets and shortcuts for your CRM tasks and reports. 

This plugin lets you create different Admin Pages for different user roles, hide or show menu items, widgets, and notices, and change the look and feel of your admin area.

Also, if you want to customize your WordPress Dashboard and make it more user-friendly, you should check out WP Adminify.

CRM plugins can help small businesses in many ways. Some of the benefits are:

  • Better customer management
  • More leads and easier tracking
  • Automated sales and marketing
  • Smooth communication with customers
  • Custom reports and analytics
  • Easy integration with other tools
  • Advanced contact management
  • Task and project management
  • Personalized customer engagement
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    Free vs Paid WordPress CRM Plugin

    WordPress is a powerful platform that can help you create and manage your website, blog, or online store. But if you want to take your business to the next level, you need a CRM plugin to manage your leads, customers, and sales.

    A CRM plugin is a tool that integrates with your WordPress site and allows you to collect, store, and organize customer data, as well as communicate and interact with them. With a CRM plugin, you can:

    • Capture leads from your website using forms, popups, or chatbots
    • Segment and tag your contacts based on their behavior, interests, or preferences
    • Send personalized and automated emails, SMS, or push notifications to your contacts
    • Track and analyze your customer interactions, conversions, and revenue
    • Create and manage tasks, projects, and workflows for your team
    • Generate reports and insights to improve your marketing and sales performance

    But how do you choose the right CRM plugin for your WordPress site? There are many options available, both free and paid, and each one has its own features, benefits, and drawbacks. In this blog post, we will compare the pros and cons of free vs paid WordPress CRM plugins, and help you decide which one is best for your business.

    Ever imagined that redirecting users to specific admin pages based on their user roles can improve your site’s user experience, efficiency, security, and privacy.

    For instance, you can send your sales team to the CRM dashboard, your marketing team to the email campaigns, and your customers to the support tickets. You can do this with URL Redirection feature of WP Adminify.

    With URL Redirection, you can set rules and conditions to redirect users to different admin pages or external URLs, based on their user roles, capabilities, or login status. 

    Advantages of free WordPress CRM plugins

    Free WordPress CRM plugins are plugins that you can download and use for free, without paying any monthly or annual fees. Some of the advantages of free WordPress CRM plugins are:

    • They are easy to install and use, as they are designed to work seamlessly with WordPress
    • They are suitable for beginners or small businesses who have a limited budget or a simple CRM needs
    • They offer basic CRM features, such as contact management, email marketing, web tracking, and reporting
    • They often have a large and active community of users and developers who provide support and feedback

    Some examples of free WordPress CRM plugins are:

    HubSpot CRM – Free Version

    HubSpot is a popular and comprehensive CRM platform that offers a free WordPress plugin. It allows you to capture and manage leads, send marketing emails, create forms and popups, track website activity, and integrate with other tools like WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, and Elementor.

    HubSpot %E2%80%93 WordPress CRM Plugin

    Jetpack CRM – Free Version

    Jetpack CRM is a simple and lightweight CRM plugin that lets you manage your contacts, invoices, quotes, and transactions. It also has a dashboard widget that shows your sales funnel, revenue, and customer feedback.

    Jetpack CRM Plugin for WordPress

    Disadvantages of free WordPress CRM plugins

    Free WordPress CRM plugins are not without their drawbacks. Some of the disadvantages of free WordPress CRM plugins are:

    • They have limited features and functionality, compared to paid CRM plugins
    • They may not offer adequate customer support
    • They may have ads or branding that you cannot remove or customize

    Take Control of Your WordPress Dashboard

    Design a Custom Dashboard with WP Adminify. As it's a freemium plugin, you can try the Free version first and later the choice is yours.

    Best WordPress CRM Plugins for Any Businesses

    When it comes to choosing the best WordPress CRM plugin for your small business, several options stand out for their features, functionalities, and pricing. Let’s take a closer look at the top CRM plugins for WordPress and compare their offerings.


    The HubSpot WordPress Plugin is designed to streamline your workflow and simplify your tasks. This free plugin serves as a bridge between your WordPress website and your HubSpot CRM account, enabling seamless transfer of contact information from your CMS to your contact management tools.

    With a range of features such as free forms, live chat, and email marketing, your business can effortlessly capture, organize, and engage visitors without the need for additional coding. These features can be easily added to your WordPress site.

    Instead of toggling between your CMS and CRM software to monitor your growth, the HubSpot WordPress Plugin allows you to conveniently view your analytics within your WordPress dashboard. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with popular WordPress solutions like Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, Stripe, and Zapier.

    HubSpot – CRM Email Marketing Banner

    Another way to enhance your CRM experience is to create a custom admin page using WP Adminify plugin. This plugin allows you to create and customize unlimited admin pages with any page builder, such as Elementor, Oxygen, or Visual Composer.

    You can use this feature to create a guide or tutorial on how to use your CRM plugin properly, and display it on your WordPress dashboard. You can also set user roles restrictions, custom icons, and menu orders for your custom admin pages. 

    Key features and functionalities

    • Manage your contacts: HubSpot CRM lets you build and segment your contact lists, track their activities and interactions on your website and emails, and update their profiles in real time.
    • Engage your customers with live chat: HubSpot CRM enables you to offer live chat support to your customers, and record all your conversations in the CRM. You can also use chatbots to automate your responses and guide your visitors.
    • Create beautiful forms and popups: HubSpot CRM helps you design forms and popups that match your brand and capture leads. You can also customize where and when they appear on your website.
    • Send stunning email campaigns for free: HubSpot CRM allows you to send up to 2,000 emails per month for free, using its drag-and-drop editor and ready-made templates. You can also set up email automation and personalization based on your contacts’ behavior and preferences.
    • Analyze your email performance and customer journey: HubSpot CRM provides you with detailed reports and analytics on your email campaigns, sequences, funnels, and customer activities. You can also track your email CTR and ROI using Google Analytics UTM parameters.
    • Optimize your email subject lines with A/B testing: HubSpot CRM lets you test different variations of your email subject lines and see which one gets the most opens and clicks. You can also improve your email deliverability and conversion.
    • Integrate with hundreds of WordPress plugins: HubSpot CRM works seamlessly with over 300 WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce, Stripe, Gravity Forms, and more. You can also connect HubSpot to Zapier, opening up even more integrations.


    • Starter: This tier includes all the features of the free version, with increased limits, and is available for $18 per month for two paid users.
    • Professional: In addition to the core features, this tier provides collaboration tools and phone support, and is priced at $800 per month for five paid users.
    • Enterprise: For advanced needs, this tier offers customizable features and advanced permissions, and is available for $3,600 per month for 10 paid users.

    Fluent CRM

    The FluentCRM plugin for WordPress is designed to help users easily manage and track the performance of their email campaigns. With an intuitive setup process and a user-friendly dashboard, it is an ideal choice for beginners.

    FluentCRM plugin banner

    Another tip, you can hide unwanted CRM plugin submenus using Admin Menu Editor. This can improve the user experience and efficiency of your site, as well as enhance the security and privacy of your data. You can hide specific submenus or main menus for specific user roles or users, and only allow the admin to access all options in the CRM plugin. 

    Key features and functionalities

    • Boost your sales and conversions with Fluent CRM, the ultimate CRM plugin for WordPress.
    • Integrate with your favorite WordPress plugins and manage your contacts, leads, and customers from one dashboard. Fluent CRM works seamlessly with popular plugins like Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, LearnDash, and more.
    • Create stunning email campaigns with Fluent CRM’s drag-and-drop editor and personalized templates. Filter your contacts by tags, lists, segments, and custom fields to send targeted emails.
    • Schedule your emails, set up automated sequences, and trigger post-campaign actions.
    • Track and monitor your contact’s activities with Fluent CRM’s 360-degree contact view. See their purchase history, email engagement, form submissions, and more. Use smart links to track their actions on your website and landing pages.
    • Analyze your email performance with Fluent CRM’s extensive reporting features. Get insights into your open rate, click rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, and revenue. Use Google Analytics UTM parameters to measure your CTR and ROI.
    • Optimize your email subject lines with Fluent CRM’s A/B testing feature. Test different variations of your subject lines and see which one gets the most opens and clicks. Improve your email deliverability and conversion rate.


    • Single Site License for $129/year
    • 5 Site License for $249/year
    • 50 Site License for $499/year

    All plans include essential CRM tools such as marketing automation, unlimited email creation, and email list management, as well as additional integrations, priority support, and updates for a full year.

    Jetpack CRM

    One standout plugin is Jetpack CRM, a user-friendly and powerful customer management tool. It offers a free version with basic functions and two paid plans with a 14-day money-back guarantee:

    Jetpack CRM plugin banner

    While using a WordPress CRM plugin, you may have a lot of media files related to your campaigns and reports. To keep your media library organized and tidy, you can use the Post type & Media Folder feature of WP Adminify plugin. This feature allows you to create and manage custom folders for your CRM media files, and assign them to different Folder.

    Key features and functionalities

    • Take control of your data with Jetpack CRM’s usage tracking feature. You can easily enable or disable it from your WordPress dashboard and see how your CRM is performing.
    • Segment your contacts smartly with Jetpack CRM’s contact segmentation tool. You can create dynamic groups of contacts based on their attributes and behavior, and apply conditional logic to match them with your criteria.
    • Brand your CRM your way with Jetpack CRM’s WordPress override mode. You can customize the look and feel of your CRM dashboard and control the access of your CRM users and WordPress users.
    • Connect with your customers on social media with Jetpack CRM’s social integration feature. You can link your CRM contacts with their social media profiles, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and reach out to them via email campaigns.
    • Create and send invoices from your WordPress site with Jetpack CRM’s invoice builder feature. You can design professional invoices with your logo and details, and get paid online with PayPal or Stripe.
    • Generate and share quotes with ease with Jetpack CRM’s quote system feature. You can use pre-built templates to create proposals for your clients, and send them via email or preview link.
    • Sync your WooCommerce store with your CRM with Jetpack CRM’s WooSync feature. You can import your WooCommerce customers and orders to your CRM, and manage them from one place.
    • Automate your CRM tasks with Jetpack CRM’s automated workflows feature. You can set up rules and actions to trigger events based on your contacts’ actions, such as sending emails, adding tags, updating fields, and more.
    • Personalize your contact profiles with Jetpack CRM’s contact image mode feature. You can allow your customers to upload their own images or use their Gravatar pictures to their contact profiles, and see their faces in your CRM.
    • Create and manage unlimited contacts with Jetpack CRM’s unlimited contact creator feature. You can add as many contacts as you want to your CRM, and use the Click2Call feature to call or message them directly from your CRM.
    • Import and export your data with ease with Jetpack CRM’s ability to import and export files feature. You can use CSV files to bulk update your contact list, quotes, and transactions, and export your data for backup or analysis.


    • Freelancer: starting at $11/month, includes a single site license, PayPal and Stripe integration, 12 months of support and updates.
    • Entrepreneur: starting at $17/month for additional advanced features, 30+ CRM extensions, and priority support.
    • Reseller: Starting $5.40/month per site for all 30+ CRM extensions, 10 site license, Rebrand CRM.

    Premium extensions are available as bundles or individual purchases for extra functionality, such as Gravity Forms for lead and customer info collection and Twilio for sending SMS messages to customers.

    WP ERP

    The WP ERP plugin offers essential tools to keep your business connected with customers and manage interactions, all available in the free version. This includes features for company information management, location tools, a holiday calendar, creating contact groups, and adding notes to customer profiles. While the premium version, starting at $115.88 per year, provides premium support and a wide range of extensions, such as payment gateways and payroll tools, it may not be necessary for all businesses. However, for larger businesses and agencies, the premium plans go up to $714 per year.

    WP ERP Plugin banner

    Key features and functionalities

    • Manage your emails from your WordPress dashboard with WP ERP’s built-in mailing system. You can quickly compose and send emails to your contacts, leads, and customers without leaving your CRM.
    • Set up your CRM in minutes with WP ERP’s easy setup feature. You just need to install the plugin on your WordPress site and follow the software wizard to configure your CRM settings and modules.
    • Track and manage your projects with WP ERP’s project management module. You can create and assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor the progress of your projects in real time. You can also collaborate with your team and clients using comments and attachments.
    • Get a comprehensive overview of your CRM with WP ERP’s CRM dashboard. You can see your segmented contact list, activity schedules, and inbound emails directly from your WordPress dashboard. You can also filter and search your contacts by tags, groups, and stages.
    • Manage your B2B relationships with WP ERP’s B2B management feature. You can create and manage company profiles and add multiple representatives for each company. You can also use the white labeling feature to brand your CRM with your logo and colors.
    • Accept payments in multiple currencies with WP ERP’s supports multiple currencies feature. You can accept customer payments in over 40 currencies using PayPal or Stripe. You can also set your default currency and exchange rates.
    • Analyze your CRM performance with WP ERP’s user-friendly CRM report feature. You can receive detailed statistics and data on your business growth and customer activities. You can also see your email open rate, click rate, conversion rate, and revenue.


    Premium version costs $9.99/month with an additional $3 per user. Choose the HRM, CRM, Accounting module you need at different pricing per month.

    Advantages of paid WordPress CRM plugins

    Paid WordPress CRM plugins are plugins that you have to pay for, either as a one-time fee or a recurring subscription. Some of the advantages of paid WordPress CRM plugins are:

    • They offer more advanced and robust CRM features, such as lead scoring, automation, segmentation, and analytics
    • They are updated and maintained frequently, which ensures their quality and reliability
    • They are compatible with the latest version of WordPress and other plugins
    • They offer premium customer support and documentation
    • They are ad-free and brandable, which gives you more control and professionalism

    Disadvantages of paid WordPress CRM plugins

    Paid WordPress CRM plugins are not perfect either. Some of the disadvantages of paid WordPress CRM plugins are:

    • They are more expensive and may require a long-term commitment, depending on the pricing model
    • They may be more complex and difficult to use, especially for beginners or non-tech-savvy users
    • They may have more features than you need, which can result in feature bloat and wasted resources
    • They may have conflicts or compatibility issues with other plugins or themes

    Note: As a pro user, you will get extra priority regarding support. Maximum plugin offer a limit in their free version, I recommend you to go with your desire free plugin – Then if you feel comfortable, you can upgrade later.

    How to Choose the best WordPress CRM plugin?

    As you can see, there is no clear-cut answer to which type of WordPress CRM plugin is better. It depends on your business goals, needs, budget, and preferences.

    To help you make the best decision, here are some questions you should ask yourself before choosing a CRM plugin:

    • What are your CRM goals and objectives? What do you want to achieve with your CRM plugin?
    • What are your CRM needs and requirements? What features and functionality do you need from your CRM plugin?
    • What is your CRM budget and resources? How much are you willing to spend on your CRM plugin?
    • What is your CRM skill and experience level? How comfortable are you with using and managing your CRM plugin?
    • What is your CRM preference and style? How do you want your CRM plugin to look and feel?

    By answering these questions, you can narrow down your options and find the best WordPress CRM plugin for your business.


    WordPress CRM plugins are essential tools for any business that wants to grow and succeed online. They can help you attract, engage, and retain your customers, as well as improve your marketing and sales performance.

    However, not all WordPress CRM plugins are created equal. There are free and paid options, each with its own pros and cons. You need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each type, and choose the one that suits your business best.

    We hope this blog post has helped you understand the differences between free and paid WordPress CRM plugins, and how to choose the best one for your business. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. We would love to hear from you.

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