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How to Remove WordPress Dashboard Welcome Widget?

As a novice, you will initially see a default welcome widget when you visit the WordPress admin dashboard. This Dashboard Welcome Widget includes a variety of shortcuts for new users as well as a greeting from WordPress. Even yet, anyone who is a beginner may benefit much from this area and build a fantastic website…

Simple Admin Columns ACF Field Configuration in WordPress

How would you feel if you can quickly and easily read all the details of your posts or blogs? How do you feel about managing them when you need to maintain many websites and their contents? We are familiar with suffering. We are providing Advance Custom Fields(ACF) support on our Admin Column Module. It enables…

How to Permanently Hide Admin Notice in WordPress?

By default, WordPress displays several admin notices on your Dashboard. These messages may advise you to upgrade to the most recent version of a given plugin or to activate a specific plugin. Additionally, they could inform you of impending WordPress updates, sales, or other offers from the web studio. It’s simple to use and customize…

How to change Background in WordPress Login Page?

Tell me how many websites you visited, and how many of them allowed you to register for an account in order to carry out a certain task. Websites today encourage account creation so they may approach you with tempting offers. And it’s part of their fundamental marketing strategy to customize the login page background of…

WordPress Login Screen Customization to Impress Clients

Why professional website is needed for e-commerce companies? Why do the majority of WordPress companies desire to create something fantastic from the WordPress login screen to a live website? Every thriving business person understands the importance of a decent website. They make innovative use of every available space by doing something eye-catching. What we see…

How to Change Default WordPress Login Page Logo?

WordPress automatically includes its own logo on the admin login page. You can change the WordPress Login logo if you want or let it be. It won’t be a big concern if you use it alone or with only one or two other individuals. WP Adminify comes with a WordPress Login customizer to help you…

How Admin Menu Editor Helps to Organize Dashboard Items?

How frequently do you gaze at your WordPress admin menu and feel fickle? That’s where the term Admin Menu Editor comes in handy. Many individuals want a well-organized admin menu. Website owners desire to customize their admin menus so that they exactly match their company’s demands. The Admin Menu Editor module allows you to modify…

Organize File Using Media Library Folders Management Plugin

As you are reading this Post, I’m assuming you’re a WordPress user and like to organize your Media libarry using Folders. If you have a lot of images and videos that need to be organized, WP Adminify Folder module can easily handle this. This plugin is great because it allows you to easily create, rename,…

WP Adminify Vs Ultimate Dashboard: Which is Better?

If you use WordPress, you already know it’s convenient to use the default Dashboard that comes with the system. Actually, WordPress is popular for its easy to use Admin Panel. But it gets better and more smooth when you are open to more customization doors, like default WordPress Dashboard Widget customization. When you try to…

How to Build a Custom WordPress Dashboard for Your Clients?

You’ll have clients that are unfamiliar with the workings of WordPress and you can make things easier for them by building a less complex WordPress dashboard for them. Adminify is the best WordPress plugin that can help you achieve a less busy dashboard. To build a custom WordPress client dashboard, you’ll need to install a…

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