Dashboard & Welcome Widget Customization

With this module, you can add WordPress dashboard widgets. It has different types of variations, like content, icon, video, shortcode, Feed, and JS code. Optimizing Dashboard will boost your productivity.

Dashboard Widget Content Type

Dashboard Widget Content Type

By default the WordPress Editor will be available as content type. You can select other content type like icon, video, shortcode, and RSS feed. Define any RSS feed content inside your dashboard widget.

Welcome Widget customization

Some WordPress user’s like to customize the default Welcome Widget and some likes to remove it. You can define your welcome message via page or if you are a elementor user, then you can define a saved section here.

Welcome Widget customization
WordPress Dashboard Video Widget

WordPress Dashboard Video Widget

It’s necessary to showcase some video guidelines when you try to guide different users to manage any special feature. You are free to upload videos, or YouTube or Vimeo video URL.

Shortcode for Dashboard widget

Just select shortcode as content type. Then You can insert any shortcode here, for example, contact form 7 shortcode.

Shortcode for WordPress Dashbaord Widget
disable user role on wp adminify module

Dashboard Widgets by User Roles

Select your Widget position wisely, wherever you like to put your new dashboard widget in normal or side. Generally people likes to put video as a side widget, perhaps text widget can be place as normal widget.

Dashboard Welcome Widget via Elementor

If you are using Elementor Page builder and likes to design the welcome widget using Elementor, then you can do it easily. Just design your desired welcome message and saved it as a section. From the dropdown, select your saved section.

Dashboard Welcome Widget using Elementor
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Exclusive Dashboard & Welcome Widget Key Features

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