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It is not only a module to change the dashboard login URL. More features, like renaming WP-Content, Uploads, Themes, and Plugins folders are coming soon. At present, it offers a login URL and redirecting WP-Admin feature.

wordpress login url change

Change login URL

Secure your website dashboard by changing the default login URL. Around 75% of users don’t use a strong password. At least renaming the login page URL, can boost security and protect you from brute-force attacks.

Add Redirect URL

Drive your visitors to your homepage or any custom URL who is trying to login Dashboard via wp-admin. Only logged-in users can visit the wp-admin page. You have the option to redirect these wp-admin seeker users to a 404 page too.

User role based login redirection

User Role Login Redirection

Now you can easily change specific User roles, User Name, and user Capability to a specific Admin page. You can create a Custom Admin Page and when someone login based on your conditions, you can redirect them to this specific admin page. Also, you can hide this special admin page from other users too. 

User Role based Logout Redirection

What happens when someone log out? You can define where the system will redirect someone when they log out now. Just create a condition then select User roles, User names, or Capabilities – then input the URL where you like to navigate. 

User role based logout redirection

Rename WP-Content Folder (Upcoming)

It has the ability to change your wp-content folder. Yes, it can be also set with define (‘WP_CONTENT_FOLDERNAME’, ‘assets’); code in your wp-config.php file. But whenever you update WordPress, you may lose the data. That’s why using WP Adminify is secure.

Do you want to keep Dashboard safe from hackers?

If your password is not too strong, at least try to change your Dashboard Login URL to stay safe.

Rename Theme & Plugin (Upcoming)

Change the Theme & Plugin folder name to something unique so that no one can snoop about your theme and plugin in the page source. Sometimes it’s also a security issue, so rename these default folder can increase the security.


Rename Uploads Folder(Upcoming)

You can define a different “media“ folder by define(‘UPLOADS’, ”.’media’); code in your WP-config.php file. But changing the default Uploads folder with your all media files can be easily done by this module.

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