Post Type and Media Folders For WordPress

Ready to sort your WordPress Media Library, Posts, Pages, Post Types like a pro? We’ve made it really easy for you! Just create a folder and drag your items. No loading time, everything will happen in front of you.

Media library supports

Media Library Supports

The default WordPress media library system wasn’t able to meet our needs during a project. WP Adminify folder module will help you to categorized your media files so that you can access to your desire media easily.

Drag & Drop Post or Post Type

Enable folder module for each post type like WooCommerce, Elementor Templates, etc. If you have too much products or templates than it can be very useful to get exact post type within a seconds.

Drag & Drop Post or Post Type
Create unlimited folders

Create Unlimited Folders

There is no limitation on folder creation. You are free to create as many folder as you need. Folders by WP Adminify is a module that makes it easy to organize all your Posts, Pages and Media files. You can drag them into any folder you want and check your posts, pages, media files.

Different Folder Colors

Customize how you want your folders to look and feel. You can change the colour tag of your folder to make it different from one another.

color tag for folders
Live search and sorting

Live Search & Sorting

Managing too many folders can be a hassle. If you have created 40+ folders then it may be complex to scroll and select your folder. Here you can use instant search and sort folder feature. Just type a few characters and it will show you instant results.

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