WordPress Dashboard Menu Item Editor

Customizing the Admin Menu is super easy then before. It lets you rearrange your Dashboard menu. You can choose to show or hide specific menu and change permissions. It gives you more control over your work environment.

Live Menu Item Editor

Live Menu Item Change

Rename your default WordPress menu item to something more identical for you. For example, you can rename your “Portfolio” post type menu into “Projects”. Not only rename but also you can change the default URL for your dashboard menu item too.

Set Custom Menu Icons

2000+ icons available. Supported icon libraries are Dashicons, Simple line icons, Themify icons, Elementor Icons, Icomoon icons for menu item icon. If you like minimal icons then make sure to check “Simple Line Icons“. 

2000 icons for menu item
hide for user or user roles

Hide Menus by User or User Roles

Hide/show any menu or menu item to specific user role. A hidden menu is invisible to all users, including administrators. It can be wisely done when you want to hide something temporarily but in future you like to make it visible.

Customize Submenu Items

Same customization can be applied for submenu item too. You can customize the menu item name, url, ico, user role like primary menu item.

customize submenu item

Custom Icon Uploader

Now, you can upload your own icons in png, jpg, SVG, or any other media format. Just browse the icon uploader in the menu editor and set your icons. 

Import, Export & Reset Menu Settings

This feature is required if you own multiple website, and likes to import same menu structure to different websites. Just export your finalize menu settings, then export to other websites.

Impost and Export menu item from one website to another

Easy Drag & Drop Sorting

Not only customization but also you can reorder your WordPress Dashboard admin menu items. It has the ability to sort your submenu items too. After sorting make sure to save changes. 

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