WP Adminify vs UIPress : Which One is Better for Custom Dashboard?

The traditional WordPress admin area is usually the same regardless of the theme you use. While this makes you familiar with the admin area, using it seems boring sometimes.

Also, you’re stuck with the same features throughout the life of your site. However, you can change that.
WP Adminify is a WordPress admin panel organizer and customizer that offers you the chance to expand the admin area by adding other menus that make your work easier, using its various features. UIPress also offers the same customization ability but to a lesser extent.

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    WP Adminify vs UIPress - Introduction

    The Adminify vs UIPress debate will be easily settled with an understanding of each of these WordPress plugins for editing the admin area.

    WP Adminify

    WP Adminify is a plugin that improves your site’s management and efficiency by allowing you to customize the admin area using the different features it offers.

    It is an easy-to-install-and-use plugin with numerous tools that help you manage posts, folders, Menu Editor, and even page speed, among others.

    As a WordPress site administrator, you can keep track of what other backend users of your site have been up to. This can be easily done via Activity logs module.

    It also allows you to switch from the white background screen to dark mode that’s easier on your eyes. 

    WP Adminify - Best Dashboard Customizer Plugin


    UIPress is similar to WP Adminify in many ways, including the allowance of Admin Panel Customization. It possesses some features, such as the creation of admin pages, switching between light and dark mode, tracking of users activity from the activity log, and overview page customization, among others.

    With UIPress, depending on if you have the lite or pro version, you can easily integrate Google analytics to show you real-time traffic behavior on your site.

    You can also manage your site, and reach the admin menu from the front end. After Customizing certain things in your Dashbaord, you can easily export the settings, and import on other sites too.

    UIPress Plugin Demo

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    WP Adminify Unique Features

    Despite the WP Adminify vs UIPress debate, WP Adminify has numerous features that set it apart from other plugins of its type, including UIPress.

    Change WP Admin Login URL: You can easily change your WordPress admin login URL and redirect those people to specific page who are trying to login via wp-admin.

    Redirect WP Admin Login URL

    Admin Columns: A typical WordPress admin column for posts, pages, and post types. They usually include title, author, tags, categories, and date.

    You can adjust the width of each column to allow for an easy-to-read interface. With WP Adminify, you can add and delete columns. You can also add Post ID as a column when you use WP Adminify.

    Custom Admin Columns

    Schedule and System Dark Mode: Despite the easy accessibility of the dark and light modes on WP Adminify, it can be stressful to keep switching from one contrast to another.

    You can set a schedule for switching from light to dark mode with WP Adminify. Or if you manage light and dark mode via your system, then you can enable system dark mode too.

    Login Customizer: The WordPress login page is the same for every of its user around the world, except you decide to change it. WP Adminify offers you an easy way to change the outlook of your WordPress login page.

    You can add colors, images, and videos to your WordPress login page to make it look better than it used to.

    WordPress Login Page Customization

    Google Pagespeed Insights: Google pagespeed insight is an easy-to-apply feature on WP Adminify, and you can improve your SEO and ranking on Google result pages with it.

    You can easily track how long it takes each page on your site to load from your dashboard with WP Adminify. It makes this task easier by automatically saving the pagespeed metrics before and after applying the suggestions Google gave you to improve your pagespeed. You can now easily compare the before and after of your pagespeed operations.

    Google Pagespeed Full Report

    Post Type Order: All the pages and posts on your website are of different levels of importance. Your homepage has more important information than your privacy policy page. Your pillar content is more important than low-traffic blog posts.

    You can easily drag your important post or page items at top.

    Post type order plugin

    Horizontal and Vertical Menu: The default vertical WordPress menu bar can be foreign to a new user. To long-time WordPress users, it might have become boring. You can change the appearance of your WordPress Admin menu with WP Adminify.

    You can settle your menu style to horizontal, or leave it vertical. You can also set your sub-menu style to be classic, accordion, or rounded. You can also change active menu styles and menu modes.

    Dashboard Horizontal Menu

    Disable Comments: While comments on your blog can be great, you can easily accumulate spam comments too. This harms your blog’s user experience and can cause you to lose ranking.

    You can easily disable comments on your site by using the disable comment feature on WP Adminify.

    Menu Duplicator: Creating a menu for your static page and dynamic pages of your site can be tricky. You don’t have to manually recreate every menu that you have on your homepage for your blog.

    With WP Adminify, you can easily duplicate the menu via Menu Duplicator module. You can also customize the menu to have a different look on the destination page.

    Server Info: Remember how stressful it is to always get your server information, PHP info, .htaccess file, and other such information? With the server info feature of WP Adminify, you don’t have to always log in to your hosting account to retrieve this information.

    You can also get your WordPress error log through this feature.

    UIPress Unique Features

    Other than the common features that UIPress has, some features are peculiar to it, and they include:

    • Dashboard Overview Page: Your WordPress dashboard can look different from the regular black and white when you use the UIPress Dashboard Overview features. They comprise sub-features that allow you to design a custom overview page with a welcome message. You can also enter editing mode and dark mode from the overview page. It also offers convenience as it has Google Analytics on this page.
    • Custom Admin Favicon:  Switch things up while you’re working on your WordPress site’s backend by customizing the admin favicon. UIPress offers this feature to help you differentiate among tabs that you have open on your browser. The custom admin favicon feature only works in the backend of your WordPress site but doesn’t apply to the front end of your site.
    • Toolbar Customization:  You can customize the toolbar of your site with this UIPress feature. It allows you to hide some toolbar links from some of your site users. You can also select which users can see certain tools. With this feature, you can easily declutter your toolbar area. You can also hide the admin bar on the front end.

    WP Adminify vs UIPress - Feature's Comparison

    After reading this piece, you’ll find it easier to decide which WordPress Dashboard customizer is a better plugin – WP Adminify or UIPress. You’ll reach your conclusion by comparing the features of each plugin.

    Features WP Adminify UIPress
    Admin Column
    Google Pagespeed Insights
    Login Customizer
    System Dark Mode
    Horizontal & Vertical Menu
    Redirect URL's
    Post Type Order
    Disable Comments
    Menu Duplicator
    Post Duplicator
    Post Status Color
    Admin Pages
    Admin Menu Editor
    White Label
    Quick Floating Menu
    Dark Mode
    Global Search
    Overview Page
    Image Editing

    WP Adminify vs UIPress - Common Features

    • Activity Logs: It is easier to track who does what on your site with the activity log feature. You can decide on restricting access to certain features to certain users based on the information provided by the activity log.
    • Admin Pages: Create as many admin pages as you want with any page builders (for WP Adminify), such as Elementor. You can restrict users access to each page you create. You can also set each admin page as a top or sub-level menu.
    • Disable Admin Notices: Maintaining a clean dashboard makes your work and navigation easier. You can achieve that clean WordPress dashboard by disabling notices, giving you more space to create and see your content.
    • Quick Floating Menu: One of the reasons for using WordPress is its ease of use. You can improve the ease of use for WordPress by using the quick menu feature. Also, you can restrict access to your quick menu to specific user roles (Only on WP Adminify) of your site.
    • Custom Admin Menu Icons: Wouldn’t you like to easily identify the menu you’re looking for with an interesting and suitable icon? The custom menu link icons allow you to declutter your admin menu bar, allowing you to use easily recognized icons in place of full phrases.
    • Custom CSS & JS: This feature allows you to input CSS and JS codes as snippets in different areas of a page or post, including the header, footer, before content, or after content.
    • Global Search: Need to get to a tool, folder, or setting as fast as possible, the global Search feature will aid you in achieving that. Type your tool or folder name in the search field and you’ll be directed to its location.
    • White Label: Personalize your WordPress site from the login to every other page, by using your brand name and logo instead of the plugin’s name. You can change the plugin name, URL, logo, description, and author name to your brand’s.

    WP Adminify vs UIPress - Pricing Comparison

    Both WP Adminify and UIPress have a lite version. WP Adminify has the lite version in WordPress.org and UIPress provides their lite version from the official website.

    WP Adminify base price is $79 and UIPress is $49. Let’s break down the pricing with features.

    Installing WP Adminify can help you to get rid of another individual 50+ different types of plugins. For example, you don’t need a plugin for WordPress White Label, Dark Mode, Login Customizer, Admin Notice, Admin Menu editor, Media Folders, Admin Column, and so on. The plugin list is too large to write within this small area.

    If you like to achieve the same features as WP Adminify but with some different plugins then it will approximately cost $555/year. Where you will get everything within $79/year.

    In this scenario, There is no such good deal as WP Adminify.

    WP Adminify Pricing

    At present WP Adminify is offering 3 pricing plans for public usage. These plans are Personal, Business, and Agency. There is an option for Enterprise too. If you are someone who needs a higher plan then feel free to contact.

    The personal license has 1 site, the Business has 3 sites, and Agency has 100 site activation limit.

    WP Adminify Pricing

    UIPress Pricing

    Like WP Adminify, UIPress has 3 general pricing plans called Single, Agency, and Ultimate. Single has 1 site, Agency has 200 sites, and Ultimate has unlimited activation. Each plan is valid for one year.

    UIPress Pricing


    Choosing a user interface and WordPress Dashboard Customizer may seem like a tricky thing to do, but by paying attention to the features each plugin for this purpose provides, you can make the right decision.

    WP Adminify provides numerous features that are absent in other Dashboard Customizer plugin, and that makes it the best WordPress Dashbaord Customizer plugin.

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