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Custom Admin Dashboard Page

Custom Admin Dashboard Page

It’s easy to create a new admin page inside your Dashboard. Maybe you have a portfolio post type, but many user face problem on how to use this portfolio post type. You can easily create a docs page and explain how to use this portfolio using Admin page module by WP Adminify.

Place anywhere in Menu

It’s easy to assign a new admin page anywhere inside your dashboard. You can define any page as main menu or select sub menu for existing dashboard menu item. There is a order number, make sure to put it properly to get a perfect output.

Menu Atributes for Admin Page
Display options and user role access

Display Options

There is a option for Custom CSS and JS code. If you need something more attractive that is not available in default editor. You can do it using CSS and JS. Make sure you have proper knowledge in CSS / JS, otherwise it may break down your pages.

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