WP Adminify v3.2.4.4 Unveiled!

Greetings, WordPress enthusiasts!

Today marks a significant milestone for WP Adminify, as we proudly announce the release of our latest update, version This update is not just a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement but also a response to the valuable feedback from our community of users.

What’s New in v3.2.4.4?

Enhanced User Experience:

  • We’ve refined the Horizontal Menu visibility within the Gutenberg Editor, ensuring a seamless style and interaction.
  • The RTL Accordion & Toggle Menu now boasts improved styling, catering to our right-to-left language users with finesse.

Optimized Functionality:

  • Admin Pages have been updated to correctly display user roles, streamlining your administrative control.
  • The Google Fonts integration has been tweaked, fixing the issue with the body font not being applied as expected.

Exciting Additions:

  • Introducing the Mini Mode Icon option, a fresh feature that allows for a more compact and sleek dashboard view. Note: If you like to use the mini icon, you must choose the menu type as “Mini Icon” from the Menu Settings option. Then navigate to the Dark/ Light mode option. In the light mode tab, you will see the mini icon uploader. Just upload your icon and save the settings. 
Added mini icon in WP Adminify

Critical Fixes:

  • Resolved the issue where Admin Columns were not hiding on the WordPress Default UI, enhancing the clarity of your admin space.
  • The Login Customizer has been updated to ensure the RTL Login Form functions perfectly, providing a smoother login experience.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Amelia Booking, ensuring the admin menu operates flawlessly.
  • Addressed focus issues on the Default UI Media Tabs, making media navigation more intuitive.
  • Corrected the style of the Default UI Media Select Checkbox, aligning it with the overall aesthetic of your dashboard.
Hide admin columns from screen options

Why Update to v3.2.4.4?

With each update, WP Adminify evolves to bring you a more robust, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing WordPress dashboard. Version is no exception. By updating, you’re enhancing your WordPress experience and contributing to a larger vision of a streamlined, efficient, and beautiful digital workspace.

Join the WP Adminify Evolution

Don’t miss out on these fantastic improvements. Update to WP Adminify v3.2.4.4 today and take your WordPress dashboard to new heights. As always, we’re eager to hear your thoughts and experiences, so update, explore, and let us know how WP Adminify is empowering your WordPress journey!

Thank you for choosing WP Adminify, where we continue to strive for excellence in every line of code.

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