WP Adminify vs. White Label CMS [Feature Comparison]

WP Adminify and White Label CMS are widely-used, cutting-edge WordPress Dashboard customization plugins.

Both plugins are designed with enriched modules and elements to allow users to customize, organize, and personalize the WordPress Dashboard. Both plugins have an optimal reputation in terms of performance, usability, ease of use, flexibility, and convenience. 

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    It’s almost hard to define a particular one as perfect, as both are feature-packed and have an assortment of innovative, pre-built components.

    But if you compare their key features, you may come to a verdict, although it will be a great challenge. Let’s look into the ethereal comparison between those two user-friendly plugins.

    [NOTE: It’s impossible to explain all WP Adminify feature in this post. You can check WP Adminify Features here. But we will try to explain main feature of White Label CMS compared with WP Adminify in this post.]

    WP Adminify vs. White Label CMS

    WordPress has found fulfillment and a significant upgrade with the invention of some plugins; undoubtedly, WP Adminify and White Label CMS are the leading ones.

    WP Adminify simplifies the overall customization journey by providing a wide array of modules. It’s intuitive, lightweight, and easy to use. Its features are handy for enhancing the user interface of the WordPress website.

    WordPress White Label, on the other hand, has brought about a new revolution in the web design sector thanks to the integration of some advanced features.

    It can offer an extra level of customization, enabling users to use anything they require to boost the performance and functionality of a website. For transforming the look and building a custom admin experience, the plugin serves its purpose well.

    However, let’s explain the core features of those two plugins to realize how they are contributing to facilitating the web customization process. Once you’re familiar with their advanced features, you can determine which one you should use to improve your websites. Let’s dive deeper!

    Custom Login Page

    Users never like roadblocks while browsing a website. They want an engaging interface, a better experience, and the utmost interactivity on the login page.

    It’s worth mentioning URL Redirection module by WP Adminify, which allows you to change your login page URL and redirect wp-admin to custom page or homepage.

    The importance of having a custom login page is immense for incorporating an unimpeded and professional-grade gateway to access a website. It also enhances the security and improves the feel of a website.

    By the way, let’s break down how much convenience and facilities these two plugins offer in login page customization.

    WP Adminify:

    WP Adminify comes with a simple but powerful module to allow you to customize your website login page.

    You can kick-start the customization process with any of its sixteen pre-built WordPress login page templates. The templates can be personalized by modifying the background and uploading an image, video, or slideshow.

    To enhance the look of the login page, it supports multi-column and skew backgrounds.

    WP Adminify Login Customizer Templates

    The feature will also let you add a pre-designed logo to the page to delineate your website’s brand and identity.

    You can change the login form fields to enhance security and usability.

    Moreover, the module helps you change the login error message and customize the login tweaks and buttons.

    To improve the functionality and interactivity of the login page, the module will allow you to integrate custom CSS & JS.

    White Label CMS:

    WordPress White Label CMS is designed with a formidable module to refurbish the WordPress login page.

    With the high-end module, you can make a professional-looking, highly secured, and captivating login page to allow your visitors to make a straightforward entry to your website.

    Every time you use WordPress, you will have the freedom to revamp and embellish the login page with the necessary elements provided by the plugin.

    White Label CMS login page modification

    From adjusting the layout to the color scheme to the background effect, you can customize everything you prefer to meet your needs. To match your website’s branding, you can add a custom, pre-designed logo.

    You will really appreciate the additional functionality it provides to keep track of users. Even its effortless navigation will make you thoroughly enamored by letting you accomplish the login page customization process in no time.

    Dashboard & Welcome Widget

    With the recent boom in plugins, it’s been a piece of cake to customize WordPress Dashboard widgets.

    There’s no doubt that efficient customization of the widgets improves the user experience and eliminates flaws.

    By optimizing the dashboard, you can visualize data and metrics more vividly. Let’s see how WP Adminify and WordPress White Label CMS streamline the process of widget customization.

    WP Adminify (Dashboard & Welcome Widget)

    A few plugins allow users to customize the dashboard widgets; WP Adminify is one of them.

    In a minute, you will have the right to personalize all the default widgets, including the Welcome, Activity, WordPress Event, News, and so on.

    Without any barrier, you can showcase the single-screen summary of data concerned with the specific KPI with the requisite modifications and updates. 

    Custom Dashboard and Welcome Widget by WP Adminify

    Moreover, the plugin will give you the privilege of creating a custom dashboard widget by dynamically changing its layout and functions.

    Assigning the widget title, position, content, and other important parts will seem straightforward and hassle-free. Even you can spontaneously configure a widget area through its drag-and-drop mechanism.

    White Label CMS (Only Welcome Widget)

    The White Label CMS comes with the feature of personalizing the welcome dashboard panel, giving you the freedom to add your own welcome panel.

    You can expect a massive advantage by manipulating it, as you can add everything you need to the panels to boost the visibility, credibility, and authenticity of the dashboard. To bring real life into the welcome panels, you can integrate the welcome panel description HTML with a second panel.

    Besides, the plugin will allow you to select the roles in the welcome panel that will be visible. You can choose the template type between basic HTML, Elementor, and Beaver Builder Pro.

    If you need to hide all the existing dashboard panels, you can do so with a click. Most interestingly, it will help you add your own RSS dashboard panel to level up your experience.

    Custom Welcome Widget Panel by White Label CMS

    Menu Item Editor

    Admin Menu Editor can help users to unlock the full potential of the Dashboard by rearranging the menu items.

    It’s been a trend to use a menu editor with the power of some classical plugins—WP Adminify and White Label CMS are the standout ones. Below, we will compare the characteristics of the menu editor of these two plugins.

    WP Adminify:

    WP Adminify comprises an ultra-modern Admin menu editor to provide you with more specific and flawless actions throughout your web design process.

    You can rearrange your Dashboard menu using the drag-and-drop method. As per your desire, you can show or hide any specific menu for certain user roles. Apart from the main menu, it will let you customize the sub-menu item name, icon, URL, and user role.

    Admin Menu Customizer by WP Adminify

    With a plethora of icons available on it, you will have extra benefits in making the menu bar more appealing.

    After personalizing a particular menu, you can export and reset it to other platforms; it’s undoubtedly one of its most distinguished advantages.

    Moreover, the feature will present you with an interactive interface by adjusting and configuring the admin menus.

    White Label CMS:

    The WordPress White Label CMS includes an exclusive menu section to help you take the best care of your dashboard menu. With this feature, you will have greater flexibility in making changes to the menu items.

    Its dedicated menu section will give you the freedom to select the menus you want to appear on your websites. That means you can switch between “hide” and “show” for some sections, including posts, pages, media, users, tools, settings, and so on.

    Hide and Show menu by White label CMS

    The section will let you restrict and hide menu items for a specific user role. To renovate the menu, it will enable you to modify the menu items.

    Once you adjust and configure settings, you can re-use the menu on other websites without any hassle. You can also hide the front-end admin bar with this aesthetic, innovative, and sophisticated plugin.

    Ease of Use

    Customizing all aspects of the WordPress dashboard is not easy at all. It requires much effort and time. Even that can’t be accomplished unless you have an easy-to-use plugin at your fingertips.

    That’s why the effectiveness and usability of a particular plugin substantially depend on how easily it can be manipulated.

    As WP Adminify and White Label CMS are both famed for their seamless navigation, let’s take a glance at how they help users.

    WP Adminify:

    The core goal of WP Adminify is to enable users to customize the complete layout of the dashboard with ease.

    It focuses on simple configuration compared to other high-profile plugins. With its modular mechanism, you can enable or disable any module.

    In any way you want, you can rearrange the underlying elements to accelerate the customization process.

    If you are a basic user, then the setup Wizard will help you to configure a brand new WordPress Dashboard.

    Most interestingly, the plugin will allow you to toggle between dark and light modes whenever you want. In a word, you can modify every ingredient of the WordPress dashboard easily, quickly, and efficiently through it.

    White Label CMS:

    WordPress White Lable CMS has become an inevitable plugin for most users as it offers unparalleled ease of use. It gives complete control over the dashboard without causing any obstacles.

    Within a short time, you can change the appearance, functionality, and interactivity of your WordPress website by utilizing the plugin in the correct manner. You won’t even need to break a sweat to rebrand the site according to your needs and desires.

    With its robust usability, you can renovate login screens, the admin menu, widgets, and other elements without even harming the originality of the site.

    Transforming your WordPress site radically will seem pretty easy as long as you have this groundbreaking plugin. You will be less likely to come across a troublesome content management system by virtue of the easy-to-navigate WordPress White Label CMS.

    Final verdict:

    The abundance of plugins has put users in a confusing situation, as they find it difficult to opt for the best-in-class plugins. Most of them fail to justify the key features, advantages, and components of a plugin; as a result, they can hardly obtain prospective outcomes.

    Especially when customizing the WordPress dashboard, you will find countless plugins available online, but not all of them are worth noticing.

    If you sort them out based on several criteria, you may find some of them are perfect for you—WP Adminify and WordPress White Label CMS are the standout ones.

    But if you desire to choose either of these two classic plugins, then you have to compare them first, as both can claim to be better due to their performance, flexibility, features, and functionality.

    In the meantime, we’ve depicted their key features so that you can grasp everything clearly.

    WP Adminify vs. White Label CMS: Which one is right for you?

    It completely depends on your working environment, website paradigms, customization procedures, and many more factors. But to be honest, both plugins deserve your attention, as they are designed with everything you need to make your website customization process easier, faster, and smarter.

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