WP Adminify Plugin Update v3.2.3

We are excited to announce the release of WP Adminify v3.2.3, which brings a host of updates and fixes to enhance your WordPress administration experience. Our team has been hard at work addressing some key issues, and we’re proud to roll out these improvements to our users.

What’s New in v3.2.3?

In this update, we’ve made significant strides in refining the WP Adminify plugin’s functionality:

  • Horizontal Menu Bug Fix: We’ve identified and resolved a bug that affected the Horizontal Admin Menu, ensuring it now operates smoothly for all users.
  • Menu Editor Enhancements: The User Roles functionality within the Menu Editor has been updated for better control and management.
  • Sub Menu User Role Fix: A previously reported issue where certain sub menu items were not properly hiding based on user roles has been fixed.
  • Custom Menu Visibility: Top Level Custom Menus are now properly displayed, addressing the visibility issue some users encountered.
  • Custom Menu User Roles Fix: We’ve also corrected the User Roles functionality for both Custom Menus and Custom Sub Menus.

Detailed Fixes and Improvements

Horizontal Admin Menu

The Horizontal Admin Menu is a standout feature of WP Adminify, designed to streamline your admin dashboard navigation. A bug was reported that caused this feature to break for some users. After thorough debugging, we’re happy to report that the Horizontal Menu issues have been fully resolved.

Fixed horizontal menu issue

Admin Menu Editor

User Roles are crucial for managing access within WordPress. Our Admin Menu Editor faced challenges with this functionality, particularly when hiding specific sub menu items for certain user roles. This update brings a much-needed fix, ensuring that user role restrictions are now properly enforced.

Fixed user role functionality for sub admin menu

Custom Admin Menu Items

Adding Custom Admin Menu items is a powerful feature that allows for a personalized admin experience. We’ve addressed the issue that prevented these custom items from working as intended. With v3.2.3, you can now add and manage Custom Admin Menu items without any hiccups.

Fixed Custom Admin menu items issue


The WP Adminify v3.2.3 update is a testament to our commitment to providing a reliable and user-friendly admin interface for WordPress. These fixes not only improve functionality but also enhance the overall user experience. We thank our community for their feedback, which has been instrumental in making these improvements. Update to the latest version today and enjoy a smoother, more efficient WordPress administration experience.

We hope you find these updates valuable and continue to enjoy using WP Adminify. As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to bringing you even more enhancements in the future. Happy WordPressing!

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