June 13, 2023

How to Conceal the WP-Admin login URL and Redirect to Homepage?

Developing functional, dynamic, and interactive websites has become incredibly easier with the invention of WordPress, a high-fidelity web content management system.

With an assortment of a wide range of innovative features, modules, and components, WordPress seems to be the most reliable platform for avid web developers.

Among all features, hiding the default wp-admin page and redirecting to the homepage can secure your Dashboard.

You can easily ensure all users are redirected to the homepage after you changed your default WordPress Dashboard login URL.

How? It’s straightforward as long as you have the WP Adminify plugin installed on your dashboard. You can also accomplish it manually by writing chunks of code. But let’s check how you can achieve this via WP Adminify. 

Why is it crucial to redirect visitors from WP-Admin to Homepage?

It’s reported that a substantial number of malicious users often try to access the login page of random WordPress websites via the wp-admin page.

They sometimes get unimpeded access to the admin page if the websites don’t have very strong passwords. Some identified users may also show suspicious behavior by attempting to log in to the websites frequently.

Once these things happen, the websites require immediate protection and prevention. What if you could convert those intrusive users into potential visitors while ensuring superior security?

Of course, it will boost the security and performance of your website if you can meticulously drive them to the homepage every time they endeavor to access the admin page.

That’s why it’s important to redirect users to the homepage from the admin page. And it’s feasible if you reach out to the cutting-edge WP Adminify plugin. It will not only maximize the user experience but also give you the freedom to run your site as per your desires.

How to set the WordPress WP-Admin page to redirect to the homepage?

Web technology has been evolving at a fast pace over the years. Innovative and sophisticated plugins are being invented every day to make the web development process easier, faster, and safer.

It’s undeniable that an abundance of plugins is available online to set the WordPress admin page to redirect users to the homepage.

But WP Adminify can surpass all its competitors in terms of convenience, performance, and reliability. This powerful plugin integrates a special module: Redirect URLs, which can protect your website from brute-force attacks all along.

In order to leverage the full power of the plugin, you first need to install it once you’ve purchased the premium version to kick-start your WordPress dashboard customization venture.

Then you have to make sure the desired module is activated. If not, there is nothing to worry about.

We’re going to unravel the viable steps you need to comply with, from enabling the module to directing the admin page to the homepage below.

Once the plugin is successfully installed, you will discover the “WP Adminify Pro” option in the left bar of the dashboard. You have to click on the option as of now.
Then you will find a new page with a wide variety of advanced modules aligned coherently on the page. In the upper section of the page, you will see the Redirect URLs module with the DISABLED button.
Now you need to click the button to switch the module to ENABLED and click on the blue-colored “Save” button at the upper-right corner of the page.
Enable Redirect URL module
Once it’s saved, you can reload the page and search for the module in the left bar of the dashboard under the “WP Adminify Pro” option.
Redirect URL option in Admin menu

As soon as you tap on the module name, a Login URL page combined with the “New Login URL” and “Redirect Admin” fields will be presented to you. At this time, you need to fill out both fields with appropriate data.

redirect default wp-admin to homepage

You must input a unique login URL and remember this to login again. Then inside the Redirect Admin option, just input your homepage slug. Just navigate to pages> all page and quick edit your homepage. You will get your page slug here. 

get your homepage slug

Also, make sure you have set your homepage properly from Settings> Reading option.

set your hoempage
Finally, click on the Save button and check for the instant changes. If everything goes well, users who are willing to visit the admin page of your site will be driven directly to the homepage.

Can I set the WordPress admin page to redirect to the homepage using a custom code?

If you’re committed to not using any plugin to redirect the admin page to the homepage, you need to write a few lines of code. You may also opt for the custom code if any plugins don’t work for your website.

And writing code is not difficult enough if you have a consolidated understanding of how code works. But if you’re not familiar with code, you’ll definitely need to approach someone who is well-versed in writing complex codes.

However, we don’t want to let you down anyway. If you can write the chunks of code given below, we hope there will be no obstacles to driving the users from the admin page to the homepage manually.

Once you understand and write the following lines of code, you can expect to have a resounding impact on the overall functionality and performance of your website.

Final Words

WordPress has brought about a new revolution in web development technology.

The revolution has found new dimensions with the invention of some intuitive plugins; WP Adminify can be the best example considering the usability, functionality, and benefits it provides to users.

It turns out to be a must-have component, especially for flawless URL direction. Setting the WordPress admin page to redirect to the homepage seems to be a snap, as WP Adminify offers everything you need to bring the process to bear.

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