WordPress White Label

White Label WordPress gives your clients the opportunity to control their own look and functionality with a custom branded WordPress website. Change the logo, login as well as create a custom Dashboard.

WordPress login page button customization

Login Customizer

With WP Adminify, you can easily brand the WordPress login page and make a custom experience for your users. You can make your login page match the look of your client’s brand and identity by adjusting layout, color scheme, background image, and even their logo.

Custom Client Dashboard

Clean up the Dashboard to make it less confusing for non-technical users. Your clients don’t need access to most of the option on the WordPress Dashboard. In that case, you can easily manage what should display in the WordPress Dashboard.

Creating Custom Dashboard Widgets
WP Adminify Dashboard Footer Text

Footer Copyright Text

Have you ever scrolled down to very bottom in your WordPress Dashboard? You will notice “Thank you for creating with WordPress” in left and your WordPress version in right. To achieve a better custom dashboard feel, you can customize this default WordPress footer text.

Control the Admin Menu

Sometimes, It’s not necessary to showcase each and every option to your other individual users and user role. You have the control to define what options should visible to the users.

Menu Editor Settings Options
Adminify comes with dozens of features

Exclusive WordPress White Label Features

WP Adminify V.4.0 is almost here. Fancy a Sneak Peek?