What to Expect in WP Adminify v4.0? Quick Sneak Peek

We are beyond excited to introduce WP Adminify V4.0, our most significant update yet!

Packed with powerful new features and enhancements, this release is designed to revolutionize the way you manage your WordPress site.

We value our customers and whatever we do, we do to serve them and to the best of our abilities. This update is a reflection of this guiding principle. A majority of the updates you’ll see below were effectively influenced by user feedback. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

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    Free & Pro Dependency Simplified

    We’ve separated the Free and Pro versions of WP Adminify to optimize performance and streamline your experience. The free version no longer contains any Pro version code, ensuring it remains light and fast.

    Benefit to Users: This separation makes both free & pro version incredibly fast and lightweight, providing you with a smoother and more efficient WordPress experience. You can now enjoy the essential features without any unnecessary overhead, ensuring your site performs at its best. If you decide to upgrade to the Pro version, you can easily unlock advanced features without affecting the streamlined performance of the free version.

    Query Monitor Enhancements

    Significant improvements in script loading and overall performance have been made. Check out the details:

    • Page Generation Time: Reduced from 0.67s to 0.35s
    • Memory Usage: Decreased from 9.2MB to 6.2MB
    • Database Queries: Dropped from 99 to 46 in the Dashboard
    • Script Loading: Minimized from 10 to just 4 scripts
    • Style Loading: Cut down from 13 stylesheets to only 5

    NOTE: This is a continuous process. We are constantly working and tweaking things to get better numbers across all the performance metrics, every single day. So, these stats can potentially improve much more by the time the full release rolls around.

    Query Monitor of WP Adminify V4

    Benefit to Users: Faster page loads, reduced memory usage, and fewer database queries mean a more responsive and efficient WordPress dashboard, helping you work more efficiently.

    Smart Dark Mode

    First off, we’ve removed CSS code dependencies for over 80 plugins, making our plugin lighter and faster. Now, no more manual CSS coding is required for dark mode. However, what’s more substantial about this change is that now no matter what plugins you use our smart dark mode can automatically detect it’s theme and adjust the icon styles, button styles accordingly. This makes sure that when you chose to toggle the dark mode you can truly experience an optimized dark mode that looks better

    Benefit to Users: Enjoy a seamless dark mode experience across all plugins, making your dashboard easier on the eyes and more visually appealing.

    Default UI and Adminify UI Improvements

    Resolved issues where Adminify styles and scripts were forcefully added to the default WordPress UI. Now, if the Adminify UI is disabled, no residual styles or scripts remain, ensuring compatibility with plugins like ACF, WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, Elementor, WordFence, Rankmath, and much more. Plus, we’ve introduced custom minimal icons for all default WordPress admin menu items.

    Benefit to Users: Improved plugin compatibility and a cleaner, more cohesive user interface enhance your overall WordPress experience.

    Enhanced Options Panel

    We’ve completely redesigned the options panel to be more user-friendly, easy to use, and far more intuitive than before. The new layout offers a streamlined experience, making it easier for you to find and adjust settings.

    New Option Panel Includes:

    • Customize: Tailor your WordPress admin experience to match your style and preferences.
    • Admin Menu: Organize and manage your admin menu with ease.
    • Productivity: Boost your efficiency with features designed to enhance your workflow.
    • Security: Strengthen your site’s security with advanced options.
    • Performance: Optimize your site’s performance for faster load times.
    • Code Snippets: Easily manage and implement custom code snippets.
    • White Label: Customize the branding of your WordPress admin area.
    • Backup: Ensure your customization data is safe with reliable backup options.

    Benefit to Users: The enhanced options panel simplifies navigation and makes it easier for you to find and adjust settings. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced user, the intuitive design ensures that you can quickly and efficiently customize your WordPress admin experience to suit your needs.

    Streamlined Plugin UI

    We’ve simplified our UI with a focus on minimalism and intuitive navigation. Modules have been converted into standalone plugins for better organization. Some have new names while others retain their old module names. Here’s a list:

    • Login Customizer ===> Loginfy
    • Activity Logs
    • Google Pagespeed insights ===> Google Pagespeed
    • Admin columns ===> Admin Column Editor
    • Header & Footer scripts
    • Dashboard & Welcome Widget
    • Sidebar generator
    • RoleMaster Suite (User role editor) -> New Feature
    • Admin Bar Editor -> New Feature 

    Benefit to Users: Only use what you need and keep your plugin lighter, faster, and more organized.

    Some modules are now Addon

    Free Addon Modules for Existing Pro Users

    Old Pro users will receive unique coupon codes to add new addons for free within two months of the update release. This resolves the issue of repurchasing features previously included in the full plugin.

    Benefit to Users: Enjoy new features at no additional cost, rewarding your loyalty and enhancing your plugin’s capabilities.

    New Features

    We’ve added several new features to enhance your WordPress admin experience and give you more control over your site.

    New Features Include:

    • Screen & Help Tab Removal: Option to remove the Screen & Help tabs for a cleaner interface.
    • Remove & Modify Howdy Message: Option to show, hide or even modify the “Howdy” message for a more professional look.
    • Set Custom Admin Menu Width: Customize the width of your admin menu to suit your preferences.
    • Control WordPress Heartbeat Frequency: Manage the frequency of the WordPress Heartbeat API to improve performance.
    • Admin Favicon: Add a custom favicon to your admin area for easy identification.
    • Username Changer: Change usernames directly from the security settings.
    • Limit Login: Enhance security with the ability to limit login attempts.
    • Media Library Infinite Scroll: Browse your media library with infinite scroll for a more seamless experience.
    Control Heartbeat API and post Revisions

    Benefit to Users: These new features provide greater customization, improved security, and a more streamlined workflow. Whether you’re looking to personalize your admin area, strengthen your site’s security, or simplify your media management, these updates offer valuable tools to make your WordPress experience more efficient and enjoyable.

    Feature Request

    These updates are scheduled to roll out the first week of August. We appreciate your patience and we promise this update is the first of many more exciting ones to come. If it’s not already clear we’re always actively looking to improve and add features that benefit our users. This is the underlying drive that sustains our efforts.

    In the spirit of user powered innovation, Do you have ideas or specific features you’d like to see in WP Adminify?

    We want to hear from you! Please get in touch with us through our contact form and let us know what you’d like to see in future updates. Your feedback is invaluable to us.

    Stay tuned for more detailed insights and the full breakdown of these updates in our upcoming comprehensive blog post!

    Thank you for your continued support and feedback. We’re excited to bring you these improvements and look forward to enhancing your WordPress admin experience.

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