How to Simplify WordPress Dashboard – Novian’s Case Study

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Novian's WP Adminify Usage Journey
Novian Bayu Putranto - A user of WP Adminfiy


Hello, I am Novian Putra, a seasoned web development and digital marketing professional. As a web expert, I offer comprehensive services through, focusing on optimizing, professionalizing, and enhancing conversion rates for your website.

Favorite Features

WP Adminify comes with some excellent Dashboard customization features. Almost all the features are meticulously tailored to allow a serious user like Novian to personalize the WordPress administration. The three WP Adminify features that Novian would like to appreciate are Admin Columns Customizer, Admin Menu Editor, and Post Type Order.

These features collectively offer a high degree of customization and flexibility. They can enhance the WordPress admin experience by allowing users to tailor the dashboard layout, menu structure, and content order to suit their specific workflow and content management needs. Let’s have a deep overview of how Novian benefited from them and why he loves to work with them.

Admin Columns Customizer

Admin Columns Customizer is truly a masterpiece. This powerful module enables him to effortlessly customize and organize the columns displayed on various admin pages, such as posts and pages. As per the requirements, it allows him to modify the properties and define the position of columns.

With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, he can easily rearrange and reorder columns based on his preferences. It allows him to edit, add, and remove various column types, including post data, taxonomy, author, comments, and more. As it supports Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), it becomes easy for him to display ACF field values in columns. It also helps him manage Pods content.

Admin Menu Editor

Customizing the admin menu seems to be a piece of cake with the Admin Menu Editor module of the WP Adminify plugin. The feature enables him to customize and reorganize the WordPress dashboard menu to streamline navigation. It empowers him to have the utmost control over the work environment with an improved user experience. By dragging and dropping the menu items, he can easily reorder them.

The menu items can be hidden or shown from the dashboard by users or user roles, helping to declutter the admin interface. It also allows him to control menu visibility based on user roles, ensuring that different user groups see only relevant menu items. For better visual recognition, the feature lets him set custom menu icons. The module also allows him to import, export, and reset menu settings, which has incredibly streamlined his workflow.

Post Type Order

The post Type Order module is designed to give a user like Novian full control over the posts, pages, media, and post type. Using the straightforward drag-and-drop interface, the module allows him to create custom orderings for each post type. It supports all post types and doesn’t require any save options, which has been a blessing to him.

The media library sorting and WooCommerce post-type order make it an inevitable module for professional use. Without having to access individual post-editing screens, it allows him to modify the post order. The taxonomy-support characteristics make the re-ordering process seamless and efficient.

Picture of Novian Putra

Novian Putra

I can't but thank WP Adminify for its incorporation of unparalleled modules, intuitive customization options, and enhanced user interface. It's surely a game-changer in the field of WordPress dashboard customization. My heartfelt gratitude to the developers for creating such a powerful and user-friendly tool. I would like to recommend WP Adminify to anyone looking to personalize and elevate their WordPress admin dashboard.

Feature Wishlist

Novian expressed that over the past few years, he has been looking for an all-in-one plugin that can help him with WordPress Dashboard customization. Finally, he got WP Adminify, which provides everything crucial for tailoring the admin interface, streamlining workflows, and enhancing overall usability by meeting his specific needs.

From his practical experience, he thinks it would be great if WP Adminify offered a Drag and Drop Dashboard Design or integrated a page builder directly into the Admin Dashboard. This could provide a more visual and flexible way to customize the overall look and feel of the admin interface. Its importance is not just about enhancing the functionality; it’s about creating an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly environment.

Implementing a template design import or integrating a page builder for the admin dashboard could be a game-changer. It would be easier for users to experiment with different layouts and configurations, fostering a more engaging and user-centric dashboard design. Most importantly, it could reduce the time and effort required for users to personalize their dashboards.

Dashboard Customization Showcase

The following screenshots give us an insightful scenario where Novian has customized admin columns in WordPress, utilizing the full power of the WP Adminify plugin. With the Admin Columns Customizer module, we can see that he selected specific columns he wanted to showcase in “Posts,” “Pages,” or “Users.” The picture shows us that he rearranged columns with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

We can see the user triggered the option to add new columns (Custom ACF Field) or remove existing ones. The module also empowered him to include various types of columns, such as post data, taxonomy, author, comments, or custom fields. After making the desired changes, he returned to the respective admin sections, such as Posts, Pages, and Users, and he can now see the customized columns in the order he specified.

Here, we can see another set of screenshots that provide us with an in-depth scenario of edited admin menu items. The thought process behind the changes is simple: the use of the WP Adminify Admin Menu Editor module. With the feature, he edited and customized the admin menu items. He removed unused items from the main menu to simplify the navigation.

Hide Media Menu item for some user role

When he found the menu organization inconvenient, he reorganized it fluently. He moved the menu and sub-menu items to the right positions for easy access. We can observe that he assigned custom icons to specific menu items to enhance visual recognition. To say it frankly, Novian’s customized admin menu surely reflects a streamlined and personalized dashboard after making those significant edits.

We realize that Novian made the best use of the Post Type Order module as he neatly rearranged the order of specific posts in WordPress. He showcased post types in a desired sequence on his Dashboard. It can be said that he found precise control over the display order of his custom post types. The module helped him to make a more organized and visually appealing Dashboard with a diverse content structure.

User Testimonial

Novian left some positive comments regarding the horizontal menu feature of the WP Adminify plugin.

I'm really in love with the horizontal menu feature of WP Adminfy! This module is like a gem, as it makes navigation a breeze. Nothing can be a better option than this one for having the menu items neatly arranged in a horizontal line. It helps me to make the dashboard not only visually appealing but also incredibly intuitive.

Picture of @Tipkilby


I bought Adminify yesterday and installed it. Today, I ran into a conflict with a new theme that I am starting with. So I figured that I would need to return the Adminify for a refund. The support team politely said they could fix it – AND THEY DID! A couple of hours later, they had dug into the problem and fixed the code to eliminate the conflict. It was painless and effortless for me.

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We want to express our sincere gratitude to Novian for his invaluable time, collaboration, and dedicated contribution to the WP Adminify community. The way he shared this positive experience and insights is praiseworthy. His impartial reviews shared with us have significantly enriched our community’s knowledge base.

We also immensely appreciate his willingness to participate in such a vibrant and resourceful discussion. His journey with WP Adminify has undoubtedly been adorable and desirable for others. His commitment and love for the WP Adminify community can never be forgotten. The WP Adminify team is always thankful to him and ready to support him all along.

Below are some of the answers from Novian, asked by our team:

Admin Columns Customizer, Admin Menu Editor, and Post Type Order

I think WP Adminify needs template design imports or a feature like Page Builder to create a dashboard admin.

I like the horizontal menu feature, which makes it different from other admin dashboards. This is a plus for Adminify. Keep up the good work, and stay tuned for updates.

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That’s all about the productive journey of Novian with WP Adminify. From the moment he started using the plugin, he has been extremely enamored, elated, and enchanted. His WordPress dashboard customization journey has taken a transformative turn thanks to the intuitive features, enhanced user interface, and easy navigation of the plugin.

Throughout the journey with WP Adminify, Novian found a new level of control over his website management tasks. According to his views, his workflow has been incredibly productive due to the seamless integration of WP Adminify. We express our heartfelt gratitude to him for experiencing our product and expressing valuable insights into it. We believe that his journey with WP Adminify is a testament to our plugin’s effectiveness.

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