What’s Inside WP Adminify 3.2.2?

We’re excited to announce the latest and greatest update – WP Adminify 3.2.2 – which offers powerful fixes and enhancements to make your WordPress admin experience easier than ever.

Our team has been hard at work addressing the major issues reported by our valued users, and we’re excited to share details of what’s new and improved.

What's New In WP Adminify 3.2.2?

Menu Editor User Roles Fixed

We addressed an issue where the Menu Editor user functions were not working as expected. Now, you can effortlessly hide Admin top-level menu items to manage user activities. Take control of your WordPress admin menu, seamlessly adapting to the needs of different user roles.

An important point being highlighted – Admin Menu Editors now come out of hiding for rule options. This means that you can now discreetly hide each Admin top-level menu item based on a specific user role, giving you unparalleled control over your WordPress admin interface.

Take Control of Your WordPress Dashboard

Design a Custom Dashboard with WP Adminify. As it's a freemium plugin, you can try the Free version first and later the choice is yours.

Menu Duplicator Issue Resolved

Say goodbye to menu duplicator woes! With WP Adminify 3.2.2, we fixed the bug that caused the Menu Duplicator to misbehave. Now, you can clone any WordPress menu effortlessly with a few simple clicks, directly from your WordPress dashboard. Go to Appearance > Menus and create a quick duplicate, simplifying your menu management process.

Duplicate Menu Item issue fixed

Informative Upgrade Notice

Stay in the loop with updated upgrade information in WP Adminify 3.2.2. We believe in keeping our users up to date with the latest developments and fixes. The progress report has been updated to provide clear and concise information about updates, ensuring that you are always in control of your WordPress user environment.

Enhanced Options Data Types

When it comes to handling data types, we understand the importance of an easy-to-use experience. In this update, we optimized the option data type to ensure smooth and smooth communication. Your preferences matter, and with WP Adminify 3.2.2 it has ensured that your processes are perfectly tailored to meet your needs.

Wrap UP!

WP Adminify 3.2.2 is more than just an update; It promises to give you a seamless, hassle-free WordPress admin experience. We appreciate your continued support and feedback, which inspires us to continue improving and optimizing our plugin.

Update your WP Adminify to version 3.2.2 today and experience the difference for yourself. Your WordPress admin journey just got easier and more efficient – ​​empowering your content to focus on what matters most. Good luck to the staff!

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