Disable Admin Notices in WordPress Dashboard

Disable admin notices module allow you to hide Theme or Plugin notices, Update nags, PHP upgrade notice, Hide the welcome panel, and many more. 

disable all admin notice

Hide All Admin Notices In One Click

You can disable all notices globally, simply by changing the plugin’s settings. This way, the plugin will hide all admin notices for you, also there is an option for which type of notice you like to keep and remove from the main Dashboard.

Remove Welcome Panel

The welcome panel on the dashboard feature a bit annoying to some users. It blocks the view of the content and takes up unnecessary space. Using Admin Notice module, it is easy to remove it from the dashboard.

Remove Welcome Panel in Dashboard
Php Update Recommended notice

Remove PHP Update Required Notice

Keeping PHP Update Required Notice in main Dashboard is not a good idea. If your website is running good in PHP 5.6, then it’s awesome to stick with the version. This warning can confuse some website owners, disable this notice via Admin Notice module.

WordPress Core, Theme, Plugin Update Notice Removal

Removing plugins, Theme, Core updates nags is easier then before. Some WordPress user prefers to stick with the present version without updating anything. For them it’s annoying to see update notices again and again. Using Admin Notice module, you can get rid of this issue.

WordPress Core, Theme, Plugin Update Notice Removal
Dashboard Notice Page

Dedicated Notice Page

You can access to your notices inside Dashboard>Notice Page. Check if you want to go through your Theme, Plugin, WordPress nags notices. Also, you have the control to delete specific notices from that page. 

Adminify comes with dozens of features

Exclusive Disable Admin Notice Key Features

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