WordPress Admin Column Customization

By default, WordPress provides some important columns for post, page, post type, and taxonomy. The default columns for the post are title, author, categories, tags, date, comments. You can rename the title of the column and width easily using this Admin column module. Also, WP Adminify has some other necessary columns like Post ID, you can delete or add any columns on your demand.

Advanced Custom Field (ACF) Support

You can implement any type of Advanced Custom Field (ACF) Data in Admin Column now. 

Pods Admin Framework Plugin Support

Pods Plugin helps you to create any Post Type, or taxonomy for your WordPress Website. With this Admin Column module you can easily customize that post type column. 

WordPress Admin Column Option

Now navigate to WP Adminify module settings page. Search for the “Admin Columns” module and enable it. Let’s hover on the WP Adminify menu and click on “Admin Columns” option. You will see something like the following screenshots.

WordPress Admin Columns Customization

There are “Post Type” and “Taxonomy” options. Inside post type, you can select that post type which admin column you like to customize. Select Taxonomy to customize Category, Tags, or any custom Taxonomy. 

For example, let’s select WordPress post. Inside this post, you will see all columns available Just expand each column and customize it as you need.

Post title column customization

The same process goes with Page, and any other post types like Pages, Landing page, etc too.

Perhaps, if you click on “Taxonomy“, you can access to category, tags column there. Using the same process you can customize your category, tags column too.

That’s all about the WordPress admin column module by WP Adminify. I hope this article helps you to understand how admin column module works. If you still have any questions then contact us.

July 20, 2022
Admin Columns
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