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How to Control Heartbeat API in WordPress

If you are a solo blogger or solo user in your WordPress website, then you can disable this Heartbeat API feature. You can easily limit your Heartbeat API using Adminify. But First, I will show you how you can manually disable the Heartbeat API.  Disable Heartbeat API in WordPress using Function.php Nothing complicated here. Just…

How TO Remove WP API links and Scripts From header

WordPress REST API manages the communication between your site and other Web apps.  But a lot of sites don’t use the REST API. It loads script and links in header area something like the coding line.  This line loads on your pages header source. It’s better to remove this unwanted code from your head area. …

Totally Disable WP API Feature

First make sure you don’t need any WP API feature for your Website. This snippet will disable your entire WP API feature. There are a lot of popular plugin which works via WP API.  I’m showing you how you can disable WP API by copy paste a simple code inside your function.php file. If you…

How to Disable the REST API in WordPress?

Keeping REST API enabled for all users is useless. It’s better to block REST API for unwanted users. Here is a simple solution to Disable the REST API in WordPress. Just copy the following code and paste inside your function.php file. This script will keep REST API only for Admin.  /** Disable REST API **/…

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