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Remove Gutenberg Scripts From WordPress Site

Gutenberg is getting more stable than before. But still, there are some people who like to stick with the Classic Editor. If you are one of them then you should remove Gutenberg scripts from your website. As you are not using it, it’s better to get rid of these scripts for better performance. Here is…

Enable Defer Parsing JS to Footer

JavaScript Defer Parsing is the most recent improvement in how JavaScript handles asynchronous code. It is a part of ECMAScript, and it has a variety of benefits over the previous way of handling async code. This can speed up your page render for visitors. Without further explanation, just copy the following code and paste inside…

Browser Cache Expires & GZIP Compression Enable

GZIP is a file format that allows for a file to be compressed to produce a smaller file size. This is a good tool for reducing the size of large files, like video or graphics files. GZIP compression will typically reduce the size of a file by about 10% for each level of compression. A…

How to Remove jQuery Migrate in WordPress Site?

It’s better to keep updated jQuery in your WordPress site. You will notice jQuery Migrate notice inside your dashboard when your theme or any plugin uses an outdated jQuery version.  At present maximum theme or plugin don’t need jquery-migrate.min.js file. It’s unnecessary to load this script on your site. WordPress already maintains jQuery itself.  It’s…

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