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How to Remove All Yoast HTML Comments From Page source?

Let’s remove all Yoast HTML comments from WordPress page or post source. Before that, I’m going to explain why you should remove it. Though HTML comments are not visible but these are a part of DOM tree and increase the number of DOM elements. Too many HTML comments can increase the overall size of any…

How to Remove Version from Style and Script From Page Source?

Have you ever checked your page source? If you have seen your page source, you may notice version info in ?ver=x.x.x format. It represents the theme or WordPress or plugins version. You can just test it now. Visit your homepage and View Page Source. You will see a lot of style and scripts having version…

How to Remove WordPress Dashicons (dashicons.min.css)?

Dashicons is the official WordPress icon since WordPress 3.8. The dashicons.min.css script loads in front end, which seems unnecessary to some users. It only needs on the backend for dashboard icons.  If you are not using any Dashicons on your page or post. Then you can disable the script from loading. It can enhance a…

How to Remove Index Link?

Like WordPress versions tag, the homepage index tag is unnecessary for the head area. Using the following code inside your function.php file, you can get rid of this issue.  Just edit your active theme function.php file and copy-paste the following code. // Remove Link to Home Page. remove_action(‘wp_head’, ‘index_rel_link’); If you are a non tech…

How to Remove WLW Manifest Link From WordPress Head?

wlwmanifest.xml is a static file with information on how Windows Live Writer can talk to WordPress. It has nothing to do with security or performance. This file doesn’t reveal your website information.  If you just love to keep your head area net and clean then you can remove it. If you have opened your page…

How to Remove DNS-Prefetch WordPress Head?

DNS-Prefetch, also known as DNS-Prefetching, is a technique used by some web browsers to speed up the DNS lookup process in the background. The DNS lookup process is the background process that uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to translate domain names to IP addresses. In simple words, DNS-Prefetch is used to speed up the…

How to Remove RSD Link From WordPress Header Source?

RSD stands for Real Simple Discovery. This mechanism used by XML-RPC clients. Also, this system loved by different spammers. If you don’t use this service, then it’s better to remove it.  The RSD looks like the following code. Take a look at the following code. Copy and paste the following code inside your function.php file….

How to Remove Canonical URL in WordPress?

WordPress, along with SEO, is a great tool to help you build a website. However, it’s not an easy tool to understand for those who are new to it. One of the confusing parts of WordPress is the concept of a canonical URL, which can be difficult to understand at first. In a nutshell, a…

How to Remove Emoji Styles and Scripts From WordPress?

Have you heard about WordPress Emoji and used it in your pages or post? Many people don’t use emojis on their web pages. If you are one of them, then you can easily remove this style and scripts.  Let’s check how to remove emoji style and scripts from any WordPress site.  Login to your Cpanel…

How to Remove Prev/Next Links For WordPress Blog?

The idea of using Prev/Next links to navigate to the previous or next post in a blog is something that is not new. It’s really a cool WordPress default feature. But sometime’s it’s not necessary to keep prev/next links. Maybe you don’t like the design or you use a categorized filter for related posts. In…

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