WP Adminify v3.2.4 – Advanced Dark Mode & Enhanced User Roles

Say hello to the newest update of WP Adminify, version 3.2.4! It’s designed to make managing your WordPress site a breeze. We’ve worked hard to make sure this update makes your admin dashboard better and easier to use.

We’ve made dark mode simpler and faster by getting rid of extra code. Now, your website will run smoother and look great with our new dark mode. Plus, we’ve added a smart feature that adjusts dark mode perfectly, no matter what theme or plugin you’re using.

And there’s more good news for everyone who uses our plugin. We’ve improved how you control who sees what in the admin menu. Now, you can set it up so only the right people can see the menu items they need. Keep reading to find out all the cool things you can do with WP Adminify v3.2.4!

Lighter and Cleaner Dark Mode

Dark Mode Reimagined: We’ve reorganized the dark mode feature by removing excess CSS code from both the free and pro versions of the WP Adminify plugin. This change not only makes the plugin more lightweight but also ensures a cleaner and more efficient dark mode experience.

WP Adminify Dark mode Enhanced

Enhanced Dark Mode Automation

Script-Driven Dark Mode: To offer you better control over the dark mode, we’ve implemented an automated script that is compatible with the majority of WordPress themes and plugins. This innovative approach guarantees a more consistent and user-friendly dark mode across your website.

But if you face any issues, we always welcome you to contact us and let us know your issues. We will assist you in solving any type of problem regarding the WP Adminify plugin.

Dark/Light Mode Switcher in Admin Bar

Accessibility for All: Whether you’re using the WP Adminify UI or not, you now have the flexibility to switch between dark and light modes directly from the admin bar. This update provides a convenient solution for users who prefer not to use the WP Adminify UI, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of dark and light mode toggling.

Refined Admin Menu Editor

User Role-Based Visibility: We’ve refined the admin menu editor to address a critical issue observed in previous updates. Now, when you hide menu items for a specific user role, such as Editor, it will no longer affect other roles like Author or Subscriber. This fix ensures that menu visibility is accurately tailored to each user role, enhancing the overall management of your WordPress dashboard.

Admin menu editor Hidden for rules fixed

That’s it for the latest update on WP Adminify v3.2.4! We’re excited about making your website management smoother and more fun. Remember, updating your plugin is easy and brings lots of improvements.

Want even more? Go for the pro version of WP Adminify. It’s packed with extra features that give you complete control over your website. It’s like giving your website a superpower!

So, what are you waiting for? Update to the new version now and think about going pro. Your website will thank you for it!

Thanks for using WP Adminify. We’re always here to make things better for you. Happy updating!

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