WP Adminify v3.0.1

Today we’ve released the WP Adminify 3.0.1 version, which is full of improvements and some new features. Some of the changes we wanted to go over are here but check out the full changelog page for all of the smaller bug fixes.

WP Adminify v3.0.0 was a massive Update. We’ve done a lot of changes to the Admin Column and Menu editor there. In this v3.0.1 update, the Menu Editor module is more advanced. 

Table of Contents
    Add a header to begin generating the table of contents

    Separator between Admin Menu

    A lot of our user’s already tried to add a separator via CSS code, but it’s not always easy to work on the WordPress core style without breaking the layout. We got 20+ requests on adding a separator between Admin Menu.

    After checking the feature, you may notice it’s easy. But the brainstorming process of Development was not so easy for us. It took 3 days to figure out how we will implement this “Admin Menu Separator” feature. Let’s skip this boring story and I’m going to present the WordPress Dashboard menu separator here.

    This feature is available in Menu Editor. While you start your Admin Menu customization, you will see a checkbox called “Add Separator” under each menu.

    Imagine, you like to add a separator under Media. You just have to navigate to Menu Editor> Expand Media menu. Put a tick mark on the “Add Separator” checkbox. Then save your settings. That’s the process of adding Separator to your WordPress Admin menu.

    Admin Bar Broken issue fixed

    If you are a heavy WordPress user and use tons of plugins at the same time, then you may notice this problem. The Admin bar content was broken in our previous version. At this v3.0.1 we’ve fixed it and now your content will align properly in the Admin Bar.

    Admin Bar Broken Issue fixed

    Off Canvas User Menu

    Added a new option to show or hide the Off Canvas menu on user gravatar. If you think you don’t need the “Off Canvas” menu, then just hide this.

    Hide Disable Register from Login Page

    If you are running a WooCommerce store or any other service where registration is necessary, you will notice a “Register” option in the admin login page. 

    If you don’t want to showcase “Register” option on your WordPress login page, then easily disable it via our Login Customizer module. You will find this feature in Login Customizer>Others option.

    Disable Register in WordPress Login page

    Now it’s time for the issues list. Don’t forget to visit WP Adminify Changelogs page, you will get proper information about what we’ve done so far.

    Check the full WP Adminify 3.0.1 changelog to explore what we’ve done so far.