Page & Post Type Duplicator Module

This module lets you create an exact duplicate of a post. You can duplicate posts, page including custom post types. Make sure to check your post type which you like to clone.

Any Post Type Duplicator

The Post Duplicator module by WP Adminify will save bloggers the time and energy of publishing new posts. It does this by cloning a post, editing it to fit the needs of the new post, and publishing it. Not only post, but also you can duplicate any post type too. Just select the post types where you like to enable the post duplicator module. 

User Role For Post Duplicator

For security purposes, you may not want to enable post duplicator for all user’s roles. For example, the editor needs this feature to create a new post in the same style, so you can disable this module for the author role. 

disable user role on wp adminify module
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Exclusive Post Duplicator Key Features