Google Pagespeed Insights Module

Are slow web pages making it hard for you to reach your traffic goals? With the help of the Google Pagespeed Insights module, you can identify and solve the issues yourself.

Google Pagespeed Full Report

Full Report (Mobile & Desktop)

You can analyze full page speed reports for both mobile and desktop devices. Full report will be saved as history too. It’s a great advantage for you to access detailed history reports whenever you need.

Google Pagespeed History Page

Speed insights module by WP Adminify developed a Google Pagespeed History page. Whenever you search any webpage speed, it will be listed inside your history page. You can access to the history page to check previous page speed.

Google Pagespeed History Page
Analyze Any Webpage Speed

Analyze Any Webpage Speed

Not only your website, but you can also check any webpages speed. Just copy your desired page URL and paste it inside the page speed test URL field.

Google Lighthouse Integrated

WP Adminify integrated Google Lighthouse. So you will get more accurate data from the lighthouse. You can check every issue that needs to be updated for a better page speed.

Check History Report

Check History Report

If you have searched any pages it will be stored inside your history. After fixing some issues on your page, you can compare the previous speed history with new history. It will help you to get a better idea on what’s already fixed and what’s need to be fixed.

Remove History

Keeping too much history can be annoying to you. You can remove your history that you don’t need in the future. It will help you to clean your history page so that you can access your necessary page speed history easily.

Delete Google Pagespeed History
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