Activity Logs

Keeping track of your WordPress Website activity can be a hassle. That’s why we’ve developed Activity Logs Module. This lets you keep track of all your Dashboard activities in one place.

WordPress Activity logs plugin

Monitor Your Website Changes

Being able to monitor user changes is both helpful and encourages user accountability. That’s why it’s so useful for many single-author or multi-author websites, like blogs, news sites or eCommerce stores. One example is that it can help you identify who was involved in the publishing of an incomplete post. For instance, it can help you track down which writer or editor may have been involved in any writing mistakes during the process.

Plugin and Theme changes

Check who updates, changed, install, remove any theme or plugin on your website. Using the filter method you can only check Theme and Plugin activity too.

Theme and plugins changes in activity logs
User Changes using WordPress Activity logs

User Profile Changes

User changes such as user-created or registered, deleted can be checked here. Also if any user update their email, address, phone number, social media, etc – these all information will be stored inside the activity history.

Wondering how to keep track of who's done what on your site?

Keep a Detailed Record of what happens on your site and filter which type of activity you like to track.

Rich Filter System for Activity logs

There are Time, role, users, type, and action option available to filter. You can select multiple options at once and hit a click on filter button. By this way you can access to a very specific user activity that needs you.

Rich Filter System for Activity logs
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