WordPress White Label

WordPress White Label feature by WP Adminify lets you change the default WordPress branding with your own logo and text. You could add your own custom logo, custom login, customized dashboard with personalized widgets, and many more features.

When you install and active WP Adminify plugin, you will get a clean Dashboard UI. You will see WP Adminify logo at the top admin bar and a WordPress copyright text in Footer. Let me show you how to change the default “WP Adminify” logo and change WordPress copyright text.

Change The Logo

To change the logo you need to navigate on Dark / Light option from WP Adminify Option panel. Inside this dark / light settings, you will see change logo option. Replace your own logo and save changes. 

Dark and Light mode logo

Change Dashboard Footer Copyright Text

Inside the Adminify Plugin option panel, there is a option called “Admin Footer”. Click on this Admin Footer option, then scroll down at the very end – there you will see “Admin Footer Text” field. Just write down your own copyright text here and the default WordPress copyright text will be gone. 

Admin Footer Copyright text

Change Dashboard Body Color

Click on the “Customize” option from Adminify option panel. Scroll down a little bit and there is a option called “Body Background“. Here you can access to different type of background like Color, Gradient, Image, Slideshow, Video. 

Choice is yours, just select your desired background type. Then input your color, image, or video. Also there is “Adminify UI Templates” available. You can select our pre built styles if you like.

Dashboard Background Video
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