WordPress Remove Comment Author Link

If you have remove Website URL field from comment then you should remove comment author link too. Otherwise, there will be URL remain in your old blog post’s comment. Remove comment author link for all post’s is not that complicated. 

All you need to follow some steps to get rid of this comment author URL system. First, I will show you how to solve this tweak using function.php file. Then I will show you how to get same result from your dashboard.

Remove Comment Author Link

Navigate to your active Theme folder from Cpanel or FTP. Search for function.php file on the active theme’s root directory. Open this file via any text editor or cpanel editor. 

Copy the following code and paste it inside the function.php file. After updating the file, make sure to check the output. Just browse any blog post which has comment author URL before. 

					// Remove comment author link
add_filter('get_comment_author_link', 'jltwp_adminify_remove_comments_author_link');
function jltwp_adminify_remove_comments_author_link($author_link)
    return strip_tags($author_link);


This step only works if you have Adminify plugin activate on your website. First make sure to install Adminify plugin and focus on the steps. 

You will see the “WP Adminify” option inside your dashboard or take a look at this WP Adminify tweaks option. Navigate to Tweaks>Comments. There is a “Remove Comment Author Link” option. Just enable this and save it. 

Remove Comment Author Link
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