WordPress Dashboard Menu Editor

The Admin Menu Editor by WP Adminify is the best way to get full control over the Dashboard’s menus. It lets you show or hide specific items, change permissions, changes icons, and much more.

First, navigate to the WP Adminify Module settings and enable the “Menu Editor” module. You can easily access to WordPress Dashboard Menu Editor option by following the navigation below. 

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Navigate to WP Adminify>Menu Editor

Menu Editor layout

If you have navigated to menu editor option properly then you will see something like the following screenshot. There is a save button and import-export option at the top right corner of menu editor. Then you will see a list of your all existing menu item, where you have to expand each item and edit.

Save Button: Though you will see live changes while menu customization, don’t forget to hit the save button. Otherwise, you will lose your customization dada. You may notice the live changes while dashboard menu item name customization, but it will not save your data.

Admin Menu Editor Save Button

Import, Export, & Reset option: If you are using WP Adminfy on a different website, then you can easily export dashboard menu customization data and import it to another website. Perhaps if anything goes wrong with your customization that you can’t figure out. You can reset the full dashboard menu and it will revert back to its original shape.

Admin Menu Editor Import Export option

Menu Item: That’s the main part where you can rename, set icons, define user roles for your dashboard menu items. After expanding each menu item you will see two option tabs called Settings, and Submenu.

Dashboard Menu Editor Menu Item

Menu Settings: Inside settings, you can change your default menu item name, permalink. There are two other options called “Hidden for rules” and “Set Custom Icon”.

Menu Editor Settings Options

Menu Submenu: The next option tab is submenu. Inside this panel, you can access each submenu item and customize everything like the main menu settings.

Dashboard Menu Editor

That’s all about WordPress Dashboard Menu Editor by WP Adminify. If you still have any questions or problems regarding this module, you are free to get in touch with us.

December 26, 2023
Admin Menu Editor
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