Remove X-Powered-By from HTTP Headers

This response header contains information about PHP version on your server. This information is not used anywhere and it’s not necessary to run your website. So it’s better to remove X-Poweed-by from HTTP Headrs. 

Here is a snippet for you, that will remove X-Powered-By from your HTTP headers. Just copy the following code and paste it inside your function.php file. You can access your function.php file inside your active theme root directory. 

					// Remove X-Powered-By
add_action('wp', 'jltwp_adminify_remove_powered');
function jltwp_adminify_remove_powered()
    if (function_exists('header_remove')) {

Remove X-Powered-By via WP Adminify

Here is another solution for Removing X-Powered-By using WP Adminify plugin. Login to your dashboard and install WP Adminify plugin first. Then navigate to WP Adminify > Tweaks > HTTP Response. Search for “Remove X-Powered-By from HTTP Headers” option and enable it.

Remove X-Powered-By from HTTP Headers
August 29, 2021
HTTP Response
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