Remove Website URL From WordPress Comments

Sometimes it’s not wise to keep Website field in your comment form. Let’s remove website field from comment form. If you are an existing Adminify user, then you can do it via one click. If not then you can do via coding too.

I’m going to explain how to remove Website URL field via fucntion.php file now. Just copy the following code and paste it inside your function.php file. (Make sure you are editing the active theme’s function.php file.)

Website URL field in WordPress comment
					// Remove Comments Website/URL field
add_filter('comment_form_default_fields', 'jltwp_adminify_remove_comments_url');
function jltwp_adminify_remove_comments_url($fields)
    if (isset($fields['url']))

    return $fields;

That’s it. After updating your function.php file, you should reload your post to check.

Now, it’s time to show you how you can achieve same result without coding. 

Make sure you have installed “WP Adminify” plugin properly. Now navigate to WP-Adminify Tweaks option first. Then click on tweaks>Comment.

The first option is “Remove Website Field”. Enable this option and save the settings. 

Remove Website URL From WordPress Comments

I hope you got a clear idea on how to remove Website URL field from your WordPress website comment section.

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