Remove rel=shortlink from HTTP header

Have your ever wondered what is the use of “rel=shortlink” on header? 

The format of shortlink is very simple. It contains your domain name and page ID. The output looks like the following line.


At this present world we like to use different short link services instead of the default WordPress shortlink system. Let me explain how easy it’s to remove rel=shortlink from HTTP header area for a WordPress website.

WordPress Remove rel=shortlink from HTTP header

Copy the following code, open function.php file via any text or code editor. Just paste the code and update.

					// Remove Link rel=shortlink from http
remove_action('template_redirect', 'wp_shortlink_header', 11);

Are you not expert on coding and like to achieve the same result? Then the next step is for you.

Okay. You can do it using Adminify too.

Remove rel=shortlink from header using Adminify

After log in to your WordPress Dashboard, click on “WP Adminify” Option. Or just navigate to WP Adminify> Tweaks > HTTP Response. The second option is “Remove Shortlink from HTTP Headers“. Just enable it and done. 

remove shortlink from http headers
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