How to Remove WPML Generator Meta From WordPress Head?

Any theme or plugins version info maybe a security threat for you. WPML a popular multilingual plugin for WordPress site. Removing WPML Generator Meta info is not something complicated for you. 

You have to place the following code properly inside your function.php file. And save the file. You will get the function.php file inside your active theme directory. 

					// Remove wpml meta generator tag
add_action('wp_head', '_remove_wpml_generator', 0);
function _remove_wpml_generator()
    if (!empty($GLOBALS['sitepress'])) {
        remove_action(current_filter(), array($GLOBALS['sitepress'], 'meta_generator_tag'));

It’s also possible to solve the issue without coding too. 

You need WP Adminify plugin to remove WPML Generator Meta info. If you have successfully installed WP Adminify properly then you will see a new option named WP Adminify in your dashboard menubar.

Navigate to WP Adminify tweaks option or WP Adminify>tweaks > Head menu. Search for Remove WPML Generator Meta option and enable it. You should reload your any page source and check the result. It will remove WPML Generator meta information from your WordPress head area. 

Remove WPML Generator Meta Data
August 27, 2021
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