How to Customize the WordPress Login Page Submit Button?

WP Adminify Customize button enables you to tailor your Login button to any of your own requirements. Additionally, it gives several options for customizing and creating an attractive login button by using the WordPress login page customizer module.

We recommend you follow the WordPress login page screen personalization to boost your branding. The following sections will walk you through the process of changing the login button of your WordPress login form:

  • Log in to the WordPress administration panel.
  • To access the Button, go to WP Adminify and then Login Customizer and finally to the Button.

When you click on the Button option, you’ll find basic settings and all customization options for the Button named Hover, Normal, and Advanced. Here is 7 easy steps to personalize your WordPress login page.

The following are some additional functionalities that you may include in the login button:

Control Width & Height Buttons: You may choose the height and width of your Button. It would be better if you utilize the % value for ensuring that the responsiveness is properly adjusted.

Login Button width and Height

Button Text Font Size: Using the options range control, you may modify all font sizes of your button text.

WordPress Login page button font size

Background Color and Button Text: You can modify the colours of your login button with the button colour picker. Whenever possible, you should use an opposite colour for the backdrop and the button text; otherwise, the buttons will be difficult to read.

Button text and background color

Button Text & Hover Color for Background: It’s identical to the options like button text and background colour. However, it will be displayed when a user hovers their cursor over the “Button”.

Button text and background hover color

Button Text Shadow: Occasionally, text-shadow enhances visibility and lends a professional appearance. For instance, if you want to create a glossy appearance on your Button, you have to utilize Text Shadow.

Text Shadow for Login page button

That’s all about WordPress login page button customization. It has maximum CSS properties that will help you to create any type of button. Feel free to play with our Login Customizer button style and create some amazing styles.

January 23, 2023
Login Customizer
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