How to Control Heartbeat API in WordPress

If you are a solo blogger or solo user in your WordPress website, then you can disable this Heartbeat API feature. You can easily limit your Heartbeat API using Adminify. But First, I will show you how you can manually disable the Heartbeat API. 

Disable Heartbeat API in WordPress using Function.php

Nothing complicated here. Just copy the following code and open your fucntion.php file via any text or code editor. 

Then simply paste the code and update it. 

					/** Control Interval Heartbeat API **/
add_filter('heartbeat_settings', 'jltwp_adminify_control_heartbeat');
function jltwp_adminify_control_heartbeat($settings)
    $settings['interval'] = 60;
    return $settings;


Control Heartbeat API using Adminify Plugin

Make sure you have installed WP Adminify plugin and activated it properly. Otherwise, you are not suitable for the following step. 

First login to your dashboard, you will see WP Adminify option in the dashboard menubar. Just click on this “WP Adminify” option then navigate to Tweaks > WP JSON API

Control Heartbeat API in WordPress

Just enable it and don’t forget to save changes. 

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