How to Create Google PageSpeed Insights API key?

Google PageSpeed Insights is an online tool that analyzes the speed of your webpage and provides recommendations on how to make a page faster. This service can be used by anyone to test their website’s performance.

It provides suggestions to improve the site’s response time, reduce download size, and save data. These are critical to improving your site’s performance. The PageSpeed Insights tool also provides suggestions to reduce the number of requests. The goal is to make your site perform better by using fewer resources.

Google PageSpeed Insights API key

Before jumping to the text documentation. Feel free to enjoy the video guideline, it will help you to get a proper idea on creating Google Pagespeed insights API Key. 

Make sure you have a Google Account and you already logged in to the account in any browser. 

Now click on this Google PageSpeed Insights doc URL. It will redirect you to the official documentation URL of Google PageSpeed insights API generator. 

Scroll down and you will see a button called “Get a Key“. Just click on this button now and wait for a few seconds. You will see a loading popup. 

Create Google PageSpeed Insights API key

When the popup is loaded properly. You will see something like the following screenshot. 

enable pagespeed insights api option

Click on the select or create project option. Now click on “+ Create a new project” option if you like to create a new project for your Pagespeed API. If you like to enable Pagespeed API to your existing project, then just select your project. 

Google Pagespeed insights project name

No matter what you prefer, if you like to create a new project then just name your project and click next. If you have chosen you existing project, then just click on to next too. 

Google Pagespeed insights api Key generate

Wait a second and your API key will be ready here. Just copy the API Key and paste inside WP Adminify plugin option. 

Set Insights API key in WP Adminify

Login to your Website Dashboard. Navigate to WP Adminify plugin options panel. Then navigate to Module Settings > Google PageSpeed. You will get an API key input field here. Just paste the API key that you have generated. 

Google PageSpeed API Key for WP Adminify

Now save your settings and you are ready to work with Google PageSpeed Insights module by WP Adminify. 

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