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Maybe you don’t need “Simple Line Icons” stylesheet or “Realtime Server” scripts to load on your website. The more your load scripts the more it will take render time. A milliseconds matter when it comes to improving Webpage speed. If you don’t need some scripts or stylesheets then you can just disable them here. 

Remove stylesheet or scripts

Removing Stylesheet: Just navigate to the WP Adminify plugin option. Then click on assets manager. The first option is for removing style. Just select those styles which you don’t need. Then save the settings. 

remove stylesheet from assets manager

Removing Scripts: Underneath the style removal selection, you will see some scripts that may be unnecessary for you. Just select like the stylesheet and save your settings. 

remove scripts from assets manager

I hope you got a clear idea of WP Adminify assets manager options. Feel free to contact us if you face any problems. 

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