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WP Adminify Pro Installation and License Activation

As soon as you purchase WP Adminify plugin, you will get an email having your license key, username, password, and Pro version Download link. Just download the pro version of WP Adminify first. WP Adminify Pro Installation Log in to your Website Dashboard. Navigate to plugins>Add new. Click on “Upload Plugin” button. Now choose the…

How to Create a WordPress Child Theme For Customization

A child theme is a customized version of the parent theme with the same functionality, including styling. You can make changes to any element of your child theme without impacting its original parent. When you customize a WordPress theme for your business with a Child Theme, you only need to change the code in the…

WordPress Get Active Plugins List

Sometimes we need your active plugins name to check the compatibility. To provide you better support it’s necessary to get your active plugins name. We’ve created a perfect solution so that you can copy and paste all your active plugins name easily. Let me show you the steps here. Login to your Website Dashboard. Hover…

Third Party Plugin Compatibility

WordPress community has a lot of plugins. But there are some plugins that are necessary for a better website. For example, a lot of people use Jetpack to manage Security, Backup, Speed, & Growth. WP Adminify officially tested the following plugins while developing. We believe that WP Adminify will not conflict with other themes or…

WP Adminify Options Panel Introduction

Let’s take an in-depth look at the WP Adminify options panel. You can disable any module that you don’t need and customize your dashboard as you want by using the options panel. Without further explanation, take a look at the following list. These are all options you will see while visiting the WP Adminify options…

WP Adminify Tweaks List

WordPress Tweaks can help you to solve a very specific problem. WP Adminify developed 40+ different tweaks on different categories. We’ve listed all tweaks including source code inside our docs. You can apply any tweaks using code or WP Adminify plugin. Attachments How to Enable Thumbnails on RSS Feed How to Remove Image Link from…

WP Adminify Plugin Installation [Free Version]

Installing WP Adminify is the same as other plugins. As it’s available in the WordPress plugin repo, you can install it from your dashboard. Perhaps, if you have downloaded WP Adminify from WordPress plugin page. Then you have to upload it via Cpanel or FTP. Both ways are very simple, let’s take an in-depth look….

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