How to Hide Comments Menu from WordPress Admin Panel?

Sometimes we need to develop and run some websites that don’t need a comment section. Especially in the WordPress admin panel, the integration of a comments menu may seem unnecessary on several websites.

But if the sites are designed with a comments menu, there are also options to hide the menu. You can perform it in two traditional ways: by writing a few lines of code or using an advanced plugin. 

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    Either way you prefer to go, you need to adhere to some constructive steps. If you desire to lessen your labor, choosing a top-notch plugin like WP Adminify will be a better decision, as it comes with a WordPress hide comments menu section to help you out. You can check Disable WordPress Comment post for more info.

    In this article, we’re going to discuss both methods briefly. Stay in touch.

    Hide Comments Menu Via Code?

    If you don’t want to use a plugin to hide the comments menu, you can get help from a chunk of code. By writing a few lines of code, you can succeed in hiding or removing the menu in the WordPress admin panel without any setbacks. Even so, it won’t cost you any money at all.

    To accomplish the process, you have to head over to the functions.php file. Then you need to write the following lines of code. Make sure to work on your child Theme otherwise, you may lose the data while you update the Theme.

    					function JLT_remove_comments(){
            global $wp_admin_bar;add_action( 'wp_before_admin_bar_render', 'remove_comments' );
    That’s all! Once you have completed writing the code, you can save it and reload the page. Everything will change dramatically within a few moments. Again, go to the admin panel to see the major changes.

    Take Control of Your WordPress Dashboard

    Design a Custom Dashboard with WP Adminify. As it's a freemium plugin, you can try the Free version first and later the choice is yours.

    Hide the comments menu from Dashboard

    WP Adminify can be symbolized as the supplementary version of WordPress, as it integrates a bunch of extensive, innovative, and useful features and modules that WordPress lacks.

    Among some of its advanced modules, “Disable Comments” can be referred to as the most sophisticated one, as it includes a variety of effective options to control the comments.

    With the module of the plugin, you can hide or remove the comments menu in the WordPress admin panel or menu whenever you need.

    The entire method of doing so is straightforward. All you need to do to prevail is stick to the following steps and succeed in hiding the comments menu.

    Enable the "Disable Comments" module

    As your main task is to hide the comments menu, you certainly need to move to the “Disable Comments” module. The module is found in the module section of the main dashboard. Once you discover it, you need to enable it without any hassle.
    Enable the Disable Comment module

    Only enabling the module won’t empower you to hide the comments menu in the WordPress admin panel. You need to carry out one more tasks to hide comments menu from Admin Menu. After confirming the module has been successfully enabled, you need to head to the next steps.

    Navigate to the "Module Settings"

    Now it’s time to configure the settings to achieve your goal. To do so, you need to navigate to “Module Settings” under the WPAdminify option from the left bar of the dashboard. Then you will discover “Disable Comments”, which you need to tap on.
    Module Settings in WP Adminify option panel
    As soon as you click, you will see a new interface with some options neatly organized. All the options are not handy for you right now, as your main intention is to hide the comments menu. As of now, just look for the “Remove Admin Menu Comments” option.

    Enable the "Remove Admin Menu Comments" option.

    Once you find the exact option you need to trigger, you’re almost done. Just enable the option and update the settings. After enabling the “Remove Admin Menu Comments” option, you can jump to the WordPress admin panel where the comments menu is located.
    You will definitely not find a comments menu in the panel if everything goes well. But if there appear to be functional errors in the plugin or website dashboard, you may still find the menu in place. In this case, you can reload the page and repeat the above steps. Need to note that hiding the comments menu indeed means removing it from the admin panel.

    Final words

    You may not make use of the comments menu in the WordPress admin panel, as it usually makes you confused and distracted while maintaining the dashboard. That’s why you may seek to hide or remove the menu. And it’s possible if you reach out to one of the most innovative plugins: WP Adminify.

    The plugin comes with an amazing module to meet your needs and offer you an immersive experience when tackling WordPress websites.

    However, we broke down the entire process of navigating WordPress hide comments menu using the plugin. We also showed you how to do so by writing code. Now it’s your turn to choose the path that suits you.

    But you have to keep in mind that only proper ways of accomplishment can help you out. If you encounter any barriers in the course of hiding the comments menu, you can share them with us.

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