How to Permanently Hide Admin Notice in WordPress?

By default, WordPress displays several admin notices on your Dashboard. These messages may advise you to upgrade to the most recent version of a given plugin or to activate a specific plugin. Additionally, they could inform you of impending WordPress updates, sales, or other offers from the web studio.

It’s simple to use and customize WordPress. To make it easier to use, you must install some plugins. Did you notice, though, that a maximum of those plugins display erroneous notifications? They can occasionally be highly distressing and cause you to get distracted. You can simply concentrate on your task and advance more quickly by getting rid of your Dashboard Admin notices. One more important thing is, you can check WordPress Dashboard Customization guidelines to learn details about personalizing Dashboard.

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    Hide All Admin Notices in WordPress Using Adminify

    There are different types of ways you can hide all the admin notices. You can use 3-5 plugins, write code or you can use only one plugin which is “WP Adminify“.

    So how to hide all admin notices in WordPress using the Adminify plugin? you can follow these steps:

    • Install and activate the Adminify plugin on your WordPress site.
    • Go to the plugin settings by clicking on the “WP Adminify” option in the left sidebar of the WordPress Admin Dashboard.
    • In the Adminify Dashboard, you will find the option “Admin Notices”. If you enable it then it will hide all the admin notices for you.
    • Click on the “Save Changes” button to save your settings.

    Once you have completed these steps, all admin notices should be hidden from view in the WordPress admin dashboard.

    With Adminify, you can also design other sorts of admin notices if you want to be more particular about them.

    You may access the “Admin Notices” option from the adminify dashboard. When you click on it, further options will appear from which you can quickly select which notices you want and which you do not.

    We will discuss some for you here:

    Remove Welcome Panel

    Every user of WordPress gets access to a standard dashboard. That is always displayed when people open the admin dashboard in WordPress. It can occasionally be highly disorganized. You can concentrate more on your topic and advance more quickly if you disable it. Adminify, therefore, introduced this feature. You must first access the administrative dashboard and choose admin notifications in order to remove the welcome panel. When you click on it, the “Remove Welcome Panel” option appears. You may quickly remove the welcome panel by enabling it.

    remove welcome panel by Disable Admin notice plugin

    Remove PHP Update Notices

    The “PHP Update Required” warning that appears inside your tidy dashboard is unpleasant. The most popular theme and plugin are fully compatible with PHP 5.6. But for each of those plugins, WordPress will display an update notification message. By turning on “Remove PHP Update Required Notices,” you can get rid of them permanently.

    Remove "PHP Update Required notice" from WordPress Dashboard

    Hide Plugin Update Notice

    Some users may find the plugin update message on your used plugins page bothersome. Simply activate this option if you don’t want to update or don’t want to get update notices.
    Hide Plugin Update Notice in WordPress Dashboard

    Hide Theme update Notice

    Similar to the plugin update notification, hide the theme update message. To permanently remove the Theme update message, simply activate the option. You may get several well-known themes for free on our site if you wish to refresh your themes. Simply turn off this setting while changing your theme.
    Hide Theme update notice in WordPress

    WP Core Update Notices

    WordPress will alert you each time a core update is released. However, you have the option to turn off this notice from Adminify if you are happy with your existing installation of WordPress.
    Hide WordPress core update notice

    Remove "Try Gutenberg" Notices

    Every WordPress user has encountered this notification at least once. You may delete this notification from your admin panel by using the yes or no toggle on the Adiminify dashboard.

    What are Admin Notices?

    Administrator notices are messages or warnings issued by administrators or moderation groups of websites, forums, or social media platforms. To hide admin notices, you can use a plugin or code snippet that mainly hides or dismisses notifications. These notices are used to notify users of violations of community guidelines or policies or to inform them of changes to the platform. They may be sent to individual users or groups of customers and may result in users or content being warned, suspended, banned, or taken away.

    Type of Admin Notices

    There are different types of admin notifications that can be used on a website or application:

    • Update Notices: These are used to inform administrators about updates to website or application software, such as new features or bug fixes.
    • Security Alerts: These notifications notify administrators of potential security vulnerabilities or breaches and provide instructions on how to address them.
    • System Status: These notifications provide information about the current status of the website or application, such as the status of various services or the number of users currently online.
    • Performance metrics: These notifications provide data on how the website or application is performing, such as the number of page views or average load time.
    • Error Messages: These notifications notify administrators of an error that has occurred on the website or application and provide information on how to fix it.
    • Custom Notices: Website administrators can create these notices to convey any important message.

    Note that the nature and type of admin notifications may vary depending on the specific website or application.

    Are Admin Notices Important?

    Admin notifications play an important role in keeping both users and administrators informed about the status, updates, and important information of a website or application. It is possible to hide admin notices in WordPress by using a plugin or by adding code to the theme’s functions.php file.

    In conclusion, admin notifications are an important aspect of any website or application. They provide important information to users and administrators, helping to ensure that users and administrators are able to use the website or application effectively and efficiently, ultimately leading to improved user satisfaction and engagement.

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